A Yellow Gold Or White Gold – What Makes A Better Engagement Ring?

If finding the perfect diamond for an engagement ring wasn’t hard enough already, keep in mind that you’ll also have to pick out a metal band.

You have 3 main options for metal bands; you can either have white gold, yellow gold or rose-gold. Most people choose between the cool-toned white gold and the warm-toned, yellow gold for engagement rings.

Each kind of band has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look.

What Are Yellow and White Gold?

Here’s what people don’t know about gold, it’s mixed with another metal. Gold on its own is much too malleable to make a decent piece of jewelry, therefore, it is mixed with an alloy:

Yellow Gold: Yellow gold is a mixture of copper, zinc, silver, nickel, and/or palladium. Yellow gold gets its color from its high contents of copper.

White Gold: White gold gets its silvery color by being mixed with nickel and palladium. Once it’s been mixed, it’s then once again coated with palladium.

Pros & Cons of White Gold


White gold is considered a safe choice for jewelry because it compliments all skin-tones beautifully

  • Looks Like Platinum:The silvery sheen of white gold makes it look like more platinum but unlike platinum, white gold is much more affordable.
  • It’s Stronger:Compared to yellow gold, white gold is much more durable. Due the type of metals white gold is mixed with, white gold is stronger than yellow gold; it’s scratch resistance.
  • It Can Require More Maintenance:If the white gold ring is coated with rhodium, it will begin showing a slight yellow tinge from beneath its surface. After every few years you may need to get it coated again.
  • It May Cause Allergies:White gold has high contents of nickel, which can people are sensitive too.

Pros & Cons of Yellow Gold


The earliest engagement rings were of yellow gold. It’s most flattering on girls with darker skin tones. 

  • Has Vintage Appeal:The warm tones of yellow gold have vintage appeal.
  • Easy Maintenance:Unlike white-gold, it’s much easier to maintain yellow gold. There’s no need to get it coated after every few years.
  • It’s Simple To Resize:The size of our fingers changes with time; with a yellow band you can adjust the size easily.
  • It Gets Scratched Easily:Because yellow gold is softer than white gold, it does get scratched much more easily.

There isn’t much difference in the price of yellow and white gold. The price of an engagement ring depends on the cost of the diamond.

Both yellow and white gold have their own sets of pros and cons, your choice will mostly be dependent on your fiancé’s skin tone.

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