Termite Prevention

Yard Maintenance Tips for Optimal Termite Prevention

Termites have to be some of the most destructive creatures on planet earth. If left unchecked, these silent destroyers can cause some serious damage to your property. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage every year, and property owners spend over $2 billion on treatments every year.

The difficulty with termites is that at times, even constant vigilance can’t be enough to prevent an infestation. You’d think that you’ve checked every nook and cranny only to find that termites have been eating away at the very foundations of your home. Quite often, a termite problem is left undetected until there’s a major problem.

While scheduling professional termite inspection on a regular basis is the only surefire way to prevent infestations, there are certain measures you can take keep termites away from your home. One of such measures is curating your yard appropriately. Here are a few tips:

Removing Stumps and Pieces of Wood

Termites love to eat wood. Everyone knows that. So, it’s probably not a good idea to have a buffet set up on your landscape that invites termites closer to your home. Keeping your yard free of organic matter and wood will go a long way in making your property less attractive to termites.

Your first priority should be to remove any dead or dying trees and stumps from your yard. Then you can clear up the stray branches or sticks that have fallen off. Also remember it’s important that this waste is not left out to compost. Either get it hauled away with the yard waste or take it to a proper composting location.


Getting Rid of Any Old Wooden Structures

Maybe there’s an old wooden playhouse in your yard that you built for your kids when they were young. Although it’s unused and derelict now, you’ve kept it for the nostalgia and the memories it inspires. While that’s all well and good, you should know that this playhouse just looks like a giant delicious cake to termites. The same goes for other old wooden structures such as sheds and yard cupboards.

Remove all unnecessary old wooden structures from your yard. If you’re still using the structure, just get it replaced.

Keeping the Garden Beds Well-Groomed

While garden beds certainly add to your home’s aesthetic appeal, they can be a major termite hazard if you’re not careful. Make sure that only treated mulch is put into the beds surround the house and that any branches that are touching the house are trimmed. Termites will munch up the mulch and move onto your home next. They can also reach your house through branches that are left untrimmed.

Working with the right best termite control firm in santa cruz is also a crucial part of keeping these wood-munching bugs at bay.  If you’re experiencing a termite problem in Santa Cruz, CA, schedule an inspection with Jack’s Termite Solutions. Their team of expert termite inspectors and exterminators will have the problem solved in no time.

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