Yacht Types

Yacht Types for The Thrill Seekers

Love the adrenaline rush of speeding through the ocean waters in a motor yacht?

The best thing about yachts is the incredible amount of versatility they offer. Whether you enjoy sailing in broad daylight with lots of friends, or prefer going on blue water cruising trips alone, there’s a yacht type for everyone out there. This article includes a comprehensive list of yacht types for those who love chasing high tides.

Adler II

Launched in 2005 by Vector Marine, the Adler II is capable of reaching a speed of an estimated 50 knots. The yacht is nearly five meters larger than its predecessor, the Baglietto, which could reach over 40 knots. With the help of its two Paxman engines and twin waterjets, the Adler II delivers an output equal to 10,500 HP. Its modern design adds not only to its aero-dynamicity, but also gives it a futuristic look.

Sur L’Onde 2

Baia Atlantica’s 78 series made waves in the nautical world. The company has thus far launched more than 13 vessels out of which Sur L’Onde 2 is the fastest. This open motor yacht is equipped with a 2,030 HP twin engine set-up and is capable of running at a speed of 51 knots. More than 24 meters in length, this boat is also incredibly spacious.

Nor-Tech 80 Sports Yacht

There’s no other powerboat that combines style and speed as well as the Nor-Tech 80 Sports Yacht. The boat can be used to host a party of up to 8 guests and comes with a powerful twin screw diesel engines which allow it to jump to a top speed of 52 knots.


If you’re looking for powerboat that can cross over 55 knots, the Ermis2 should be at the top of your list. Built by McMullen and Wing and designed by Rob Humphreys, this powerboat is not only extremely fast but also highly durable. Its carbon-fiber construction helps in creating a hull that’s both lightweight and sturdy. Three MTU 4000 engines are used to power up the Ermis2 and it can reach a top speed of 58 knots.

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