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Winter Pregnancy – Tips on Keeping that Baby Belly Comfortable During the Winter Season

The vibrant times of fall have finally given way to the cozy, frosty days of winter and you are just slightly nervous about your pregnancy.

Sure, you’ve mastered morning sickness (just about), and you’re well into your second trimester. Not to mention that with winter here, you don’t have to worry about those uncomfortably hot days of pregnancy you’ve heard so much about.

But as the weather grows colder, you realize that it might not be as idyllic as it seemed.

Your little one is warm and safe. But even they can be susceptible to the effects of the cold weather.

Here’s what you need to keep yourself warm and protected during your winter pregnancy!

Winter Pregnancy Survival 101

-Layer it Up

Layering is always a smart choice. The winter temperature can fluctuate, and that’s bad news if your hormones aren’t allowing your body to regulate your temperature properly.

Rather than suffering through those chills, keep yourself layered and warm. Cover your extremities (nose, fingers, chin, toes and ears) as well.

-Snuggle in a Poncho

You can never go wrong with a poncho. It’s basically a cozy blanket that you can wear any time you want. Pair it with your favorite low-riding jeans or trousers and throw a hat and earmuffs on and just go about your day. While your regular clothes may not fit once you enter that seventh month mark, you will still be able to rely on your poncho to provide you with that comforting hug.

-The Perfect Birthing Gown

Companies like Dressed to Deliver design fashionable maternity and nursing clothes for modern moms to make their pregnancy easier.

Made from soft bamboo fabric, these gowns are perfect if you want to wear them during your pregnancy, the birthing process and even after. With a special access built into the dress for nursing, these pregnancy gowns also double as hospital gowns and can be used multiple times.

-A Collection of Maternity Bottoms

pregnancy winterThose stretchy tights are a must-have for every mom-to-be. Stretchy, cozy and warm, these tights will fit you well into your second trimester. But be aware. Patterned tights will make you feel bigger, especially if your legs are already swollen. Stick with some solid colors or the classic opaque black tights, since they can look good with anything.

With winter almost here, it’s a good idea to stock up on all these wardrobe staples early. Get some thermal underwear, buy those warm stockings and get ready. You’ll be dressing for two this season!

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