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Winter Care Tips for Soon-to-be Moms

Whether you planned your pregnancy or it came as a surprise, realizing that you will soon become the mother to a beautiful baby is a remarkable feeling.

Becoming a mother puts us in the position of being a mentor, best friend, and a continuous cheerleader for every milestone your child experiences.

We take pride in becoming parents. The planning starts as soon as we find out we’re expecting.

If it’s a boy, let’s name him Josh.

Let’s use pastel colors for the baby’s room.

Let’s shop for gender-neutral clothes

Despite the excitement and meticulous pre-planning, nothing can prepare us for the beautiful surprise we get when we hold our bundle of joy for the first time.

The warmth their small body emits and their heartbreaking cry for love; these are precious moments that evoke powerful emotions within us. And before we know it, they become our entire world.

šCaring For Your Unborn Bundle of Joy

The amount of time you take out during your pregnancy to take care of yourself can do wonders for your unborn child. Remember that what we eat and drink is also consumed by our baby. Therefore, it’s important to invest in yourself and make sure that throughout the pregnancy, you’re comfortable, happy, and most importantly, healthy.

This should specifically be the case during winters. The cold weather, while bringing joy, also comes with many problems. Some of these include skin-related issues, as well as health problems like the flu.

pregnancy winter

Here are a few winter care tips every soon-to-be mom should follow:

* Keep yourself Hydrated

During the dry, wintry weather, it can be difficult keeping count of the amount of water you drink every day. During the summers, we tend to drink more, thanks to the sweltering weather. But when it comes to winters, we can be easily fooled because we’re not sweating.

Regardless, it’s important to keep yourself and your baby hydrated.

* Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

It can be tempting to do all the cleaning when it’s winters. Shoveling snow that keeps blocking the pathway should be avoided at all costs. When you’re pregnant, your muscles separate and move around. See if you can pay someone to get the job done, or if your partner is willing to help out.

* Get Groceries Delivered

It’s tempting to go outside and do a bit of much-needed shopping. However, lifting heavy grocery bags should be avoided. There are e-stores that take care of the delivery for you.

Remember that this is the time you need to relax and pamper yourself. Ask the hubby to take care of the shopping or if you decide to go, make sure you don’t lift anything heavy.

* Keep Yourself Layered

It’s important to keep yourself warm during winters, even if you’re indoors. Keep yourself layered and well-prepared for the frosty weather. Temperatures can drop any time so make sure your wardrobe is full of clothes that can help keep you comfy.

If you’re a few months shy from your delivery date, it’s good to invest in a few delivery gowns. Hospitals in the U.S. and Canada allow women to bring their own delivery/labor gowns.

Not only are these gowns multi-purpose, they help keep you warm and comfortable during labor. The fabric also helps protect your skin and is loose enough to ensure a hassle-free delivery.

It’s absolutely essential that you’re relaxed and comfortable during your pregnancy. This will help de-stress your mind and prepare properly for the delivery.

If you’re looking for maternity gowns, fret no more! Dressed to Deliver offers multi-purpose nursing gowns and maternity clothes for modern moms. Browse through their collection to choose what suits you best or visit their website to learn more.

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