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What’s The Deal with Leggings?

As a new golfer, you’re probably still figuring how to fit into the new environment. And you’re also figuring out what the deal is with so many rules and regulations!

Golf is actually a pretty fun sport. It’s easy, relaxing, and you’ll always find an opportunity to learn something new from your peers.

And you get why there are so many rules— it’s all about making sure that your aim and performance is on point.

But when it comes to the “no leggings” rule, is that really the case? Should women not be allowed to wear them? If so, why?

With that in mind, here are a couple of reasons why the “no leggings” doesn’t make much sense:

You Can Still Move Freely

One of the main reasons why this rule was imposed is because critics argued that women won’t be able to move freely in leggings. They argued that since leggings are similar to tights, they restrict movements.

And in some cases, critics also argued that leggings can restrict blood flow, leading to poor blood circulation and breathing problems.

In fact, players can be fined up to $1,000 if seen breaking the leggings rule.

But leggings aren’t bad for female golfers. They can actually be advantageous. You can still move freely, without any worries. It hasn’t been proven how leggings restrict your movements at all!

Some Leggings Cling to Your Waist

Another problem that critics have highlighted is that ladies golf leggings tend to slip after some time, which can be embarrassing for female golfers.

But when you’re wearing skorts or shorts that’s not really an issue. In fact, special golf leggings cling to your waist. Secondly, since they’re around your waist, you can easily wear shorts or skorts, without the worry of them slipping off.

Protection from the Weather

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What critics forget is that leggings can protect players from the heat of the sun or the cold, frosty winters.

Another thing is that some players have sensitive or dry skin. This can become problematic and leggings can help protect the skin from becoming irritated.

They Offer Full Coverage

One of the main reasons critics are against women wearing leggings at the court is because they feel that this would allow them to wear inappropriate clothing. But leggings offer full coverage and also protect the legs from being exposed to dust and dirt.

There are several benefits to wearing leggings on the court and these are just a few of them.

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