Welcoming 2019—Beauty Trends To Lookout For

2018 has been quite exciting in terms of makeup looks. Many 90’s trends were revisited to varying reactions, but it’s time to look forward. Update your make up collection because it’s time to welcome the makeup trends of 2019!

A pop of neon!

The runway is known for its minimalist makeup looks, but Spring 2019 is going to inject some color back into it. Neon accents have been spotted on models showcasing pieces by Christian Siriano, Alex and Olivia, Chromat, and others. Slime green eyeliner, bright orange-red lipstick, hot-pink mascara, and orange eyeshadow have been incorporated into 2019’s spring look.

So how can you incorporate this into your makeup routine?

Runway looks don’t always work well for daily wear. There are ways in which you can use these trends to make them look subtle yet stylish. Makeup artists suggest that you choose one feature to play up. You could choose your cheeks, lips, eyes, or eyelashes. A bright but blended blush can be your feature for the day or a bright blue-green eyeliner. If you are looking for a more subdued look, brightly colored mascara on the bottom lashes does a fantastic job.

Canary yellow shadow

Yellow is a color we usually don’t associate with makeup. That’s all about to change! Models have been spotted wearing opaque yellow eyeshadow paired with a red lip.

If you are looking to try out this bold look, you can opt for a light wash of color across your lids and some mascara. If you want to go all out then, by all means, try the red lip.

Color blocking

Once a trend only used in fashion, color blocking has crept into makeup on the runway too! Makeup artist James Kallardos paired bright pink eyeshadow with an orangey-red lip. The eyeshadow way winged out for a “lifted-eye” effect.

If you are planning to sport this look off the runway, don’t forget some black mascara. It can help create a barrier, making the whites of your eyes look brighter.

Metallic lips

Metals have been a big part of makeup for a while now; whether it’s gold, bronze, silver, or copper. 2019 Spring trends are all set to incorporate metals into the lips too.

Foil-like lip shades give an edgy, futuristic look. The look can be created with some eyeshadow and loose glitters in metallic shades.

Rimmed eyes

This is one of those trends that everyone’s tried. Rimmed eyes were quite the craze before Instagram makeup came around. The runway look incorporated black eyeliner on the waterline and nothing else. If you happen to have freckles, it’ll look even better!

Glossy skin and pink lips


Not all looks can be recreated every single day. This is an exception. Glossy bronzed skin and a pink lip are a classic and easy universal look.

Gloss on the skin can be achieved by using cream-based highlighters and bronzers. To ensure the skin-like effect isn’t lost, make sure you don’t powder over any areas. Pink lipstick can be smudged on with fingers to give that faded and edgy look.

Purple Highlighter

The highlighter revolution doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. Just when you thought there was nothing else you could do with highlighter, another trend pops up!

Holographic purple-pink highlighter makes for the perfect pop of color for your makeup look. Brands like Jeffree Starr and Fenty Beauty stock amazing colors for you to try on your cheekbones. The deeper your skin, the better this trend will look on you!

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