Weed in All its Glory: X Forms Marijuana is Available In

Since its nationwide legalization in both Canada and the US, besides the availability of numerous different strains, marijuana is now also available in different forms.

There may be many of us who have in a sense picked and chosen our method of intake and others that are simply not aware of what else is available to them.

In What Forms Can I get my Herb?

If you’re someone to smokes or consumes marijuana for health or recreational purposes, you may be wondering what forms you can get it in. This could be because you want to experiment or simply switch up your mode of intake to break the monotony!

In any case, here they are:


You better believe it! If you’re taking marijuana medically and feel like smoking isn’t for you, you can always go for a pill or capsule! Pills and capsules are made keeping medical use in mind. The same contain high levels of CBD as well as reasonable amounts of THC.

By way of potency, these are likened to extracts however dosages are candidly stated for those who use them by the professional who prescribes them or on the bottles they are stored in.


You can do a lot with extracts. Smoke them, use them for cooking or simply vaporize them in a dab rig! When it comes to extracts, your options include:

  • Resin
  • Oil
  • Budder
  • Shatter
  • Wax

Though you can learn more about these in another one of our blogs, what is important to note is that extracts are usually far more concentrated than dry herb. In other words, these contain more THC and are a lot more potent. Though safe to use, be wise!

Liquids and Tinctures

Though used extensively for medical purposes today, liquids and tinctures have been around for quite a while. These can be varying shades of brown or green and are also known to be extremely potent. Again liquids and tinctures are high in THC and offer consumption versatility. Anything from vaporizing these to simply spraying them on your food will do the trick!



Edibles have also been around for quite a while. Where once people simply made these at home, you can actually buy them from a store made and ready for consumption today. Edibles include chocolates, candies, baked items and other marijuana infused treats.

Though the onset for these may be a little longer than say smoking or dabbing, the effects are no less potent and enjoyable. In fact, depending on the marijuana used in making them, edibles can sometimes deliver quite the high!


If you ever been to Morocco, Afghanistan or other parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, you would notice that hash is the form marijuana is most commonly smoked in. Hash is made by compressing and processing large amounts of dry herb.

The result is lumps or bricks of compressed herb, packed with THC and CBD. Unlike dry herb; where you need to fill your joint or bowl, you only need a small quantity of hash (which is sometimes mixed with tobacco) to produce an effect as potent.


There you have it! The many ways in which you can consume your herb apart from the usual! Now all you need to do is decide on what works best for you!

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