Wear Your Hoodie in 5 Different Ways

Hoodies have successfully climbed their way up the social ladder from a humble wardrobe staple to an all-out fashion statement. Gone are the days when hoodies were something you used to wear for a lazy night in. Now, this sportswear essential has made its way to the top in some of the most iconic runway looks.

Hoodies are no longer the style game of angsty adolescent. You can see well-dressed men rocking ‘em too! Hoodies offer you the ultimate comfort and thanks to today’s fashion, they can be worn stylishly in various ways.

Thinking of ways to pull off a hoodie outfit? Check out the 5 different ways you can style it!

1. A Layered Look

A hoodie on its own is chic but a hoodie layered up with other classic wardrobe staples is a downright party! A comfortable layered hoodie look is perfect for a busy day out in the city. Not only will you keep warm, you’ll also be looking sharp and crisp all day long. To nail the perfect layered hoodie look, wear a hoodie over a simple crew-neck t-shirt; top the outfit with a jacket or an overcoat, some fresh jeans, a pair of trainers, and you’re good to go!

2. Athleisure It

The fashion industry has warmly embraced athleisure with both hands and you should too! The look is a wonderful mélange of cozy comfort and cool chic. And hoodies of course are a key piece of clothing to get that athleisure look on point. The perfect street style outfit: pair your hoodie with cargo pants and finish it up with minimal white sneakers.

3. With a Leather Jacket

Nothing says style and panache more than a gorgeous leather jacket. Pairing up a hoodie with a leather jacket? Bam, you’ve got the perfect combination of a high-low outfit mix! A hoodie and leather jacket is one of those outfit pairings that work surprisingly well.

Experiment with different colored hoodies under a crisp leather jacket to get the right look.


4. With Tailored Duds

Gearing for a more professional look? A hoodie can work just great with tailored, formal clothing items as well. Sure, a hoodie teamed up with jeans and sneakers a classic look. But if you’re aiming to sharpen up your outfit, layer your hoodie under a tailored suit, or with tailored trousers.

This sports-meet-suit outfit is just the right amount of laidback and luxe.

5. With a Bomber Jacket

Another street chic combination is layering a hoodie under a bomber jacket. This look makes the perfect hip and trendy style statement. You can complete the outfit with a pair of jeans and a cap to finish it all off.

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