Ways in which RV Camping is better than Tent Camping

Is RV camping better than tent camping?

It has been a long standing debate. There are supporters of each sides, with tent campers finding tent camping more “adventurous” than RV camping. While that may be true in some regards, the opinion that tent camping is better is nothing but a bias that many campers have against RV camping.

If we rationally compare both sides, RV camper is by-far a superior choice for camping in every respect. To explore more regarding this topic, let us see how RV camping in better than tent camping:


While the upfront cost of an RV may make it seem like RV camping is a lot expensive than tent camping, it is anything but.

The RV Industry Association reported that RV camping is a lot more cost-effective than tent camping. This is because an RV eliminates the need for carrying much of the luggage for the trip, and saves a lot of money on accommodations when the trip is several days long.

Better Protection

There is no doubt that people go for camping to reconnect with nature, but they shouldn’t forget that nature comes with its own dangers.

With tent camping, there is always risk of bugs or snakes crawling into the bed, and there is a danger of getting mauled by a bear or a cat. These are especially common in places where the boundaries of the camping grounds aren’t protected. Another risk that comes with tent camping is of extreme weather. If the campers aren’t prepared to face the weather, they are at risk of getting exposed to the extreme environmental conditions, such as snow, rain or a heat wave, which may prove to be detrimental for health.

All this can be prevented if the camping is done in an RV.

Better Sleep

RV comes with full beds, linens, blankets and pillows. Blinds or curtains can also be used to block the sunlight in the morning after a full night of partying and barbequing.

All this is not possible in a tent camping, where the campers are left tossing around in their sleeping bags and being disturbed with the morning light.

Better Hygiene

Maintaining hygiene can prove to be a big problem in tent camping. Sometimes, arranging water for a proper hand wash could prove to be a hassle. Although there are public showers and bathrooms available, they are extremely unhygienic and full of bacteria.

Contrast this to an RV, where you have 24 hours access to a shower, personal toilet and a sink.

Camping with style

To camp in an RV means to camp in style.

RVs come in a variety of colors and shapes, with luxurious interiors. Some of them even contain an entire home on wheels. They have a TV, a fridge and a kitchen to prepare the meals. They even have closets so that campers can carry as much of their summer outfits as they possibly can.

Access to More Areas

RV camping allows access to more camping areas and enables campers to explore more campgrounds. Since setting up camp is no problem, they can park their RV in any spot they like and start camping. Mobility isn’t an issue either; as all they have to do is drive off whenever they think they should move on. No hassle of packing up.

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