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How To Wash Natural Hair Underneath A Sew-In

Sew-ins are some of the most popular choices in terms of protecting styling these days. For one, it’s versatile! There are so many options to explore and try out. For those who absolutely love experimenting with hair, it’s quite literally the perfect option, since you can try a new style every few months!

But it goes without saying that many women find themselves at a loss when figuring out how to take care of and wash their hair with protective styling.

Washing your natural hair is essential to ensure that it remains healthy. It’s often easy to overlook properly drying and washing your natural hair underneath the sew-in. If you find yourself at a loss about washing and drying your natural hair, here’s a quick guide that covers all the basics:

How Often Should I Wash It?

A sew-in will last you anywhere from 6–8 weeks.

A very common and one of the most costly mistakes people make is not washing their sew-ins regularly. While sew-ins reduce the hassle of having to wash your hair every other day, sew-ins can go without a wash for up to 2 weeks. But it’s advised that you don’t hold out for so long.

Wash your scalp every 7–10 days if you have sew-ins.

A good tip to maintain the look of your weave is to deep condition the extensions to leave your hair soft and free of tangles.

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Getting The Perfect Wash

The process is a little detail-oriented, but if you follow these steps, your scalp will feel great once it’s dry and your sew-ins even better!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 applicator bottles
  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Hydrating conditioner
  • Moisturizing hair oil
  • A hooded dryer; although this one’s completely optional.


Mix equal parts shampoo and water in one applicator bottle. Fill the other one with equal parts of conditioner and water. This thins out the products, making it easy to rinse them out.

Use the applicator bottle to apply the diluted shampoo directly to your scalp, covering the entirety of it. Use your fingertips to run a gentle circular motion to work around the braids. This will help avoid the braids from getting frizzy and loosening up.

Once you’re done, thoroughly rinse out the shampoo a couple of times to ensure all the product is out.


Next, apply the conditioner and water mix to your scalp generously. Using a vertical motion, starting at the hairline and moving on to the tips of your hair, smooth out and spread the conditioner. Leave it in for about 5–7 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Dry & Moisturize!

Take a towel and wrap your hair around it. Gently squeeze out all the excess moisture. This typically takes a while, but it’s essential to ensure that your braids dry properly.

Using a hooded dryer, dry your hair until it’s about 80% dry. You can also leave your hair to air-dry. Bear in mind that you need to avoid putting your hair up until it’s completely dry.

Finish off with a moisturizing hair oil to keep your hair looking lustrous and shiny!

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