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4 Wardrobe Worries Only Expecting Mums Can Relate To

For pregnant women, alongside the challenges that a changing body and a human growing inside them brings, there are certain other matters that tend to weigh heavy on the mind.

The change in body weight, and the progression of the belly into quite the large bulge means that expecting mothers have to re-evaluate and address their wardrobe needs.

With pregnancy comes a number of wardrobe worries!

Finding the Right Jeans

Any expecting mother will know that the first thing to get a little tight around the waist, bum, and thighs are your trusty, much-loved jeans.

Having a good pair of jeans is absolutely essential for your day to day fashion needs in this day and age, and finding yourself with tight, unwearable jeans is a problem of epic proportions.

Once you gain more weight during your pregnancy, you’ll soon find that the jeans are going to have to be retired till after the baby is born. In the meantime? The frustrating and long-winded search for a reliable pair of maternity jeans that not only feel good but look good too.

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Having to Wear Loose Clothing

A lot of women, once their bump is going strong, tend to wear clothes that are baggy and shapeless so as to minimise the effect.

This is, obviously, a personal choice—some women may find themselves conscious about their bump, or think it too uncomfortable to wear something form-fitting with their belly bulging.

Staying Comfortably Stylish

Yet another common and quite the major wardrobe problem that arises during a pregnancy is the struggle to be comfortable in the clothes you wear while also managing to come across as fashion savvy and stylish.

A lot of women feel that they have no choice but to walk about in sweatpants and baggy shirts, resigned to a life of less than appealing fashion choices for the duration of their pregnancy.

Limited Options

A lot of these problems, such as the struggle to find the right jeans or having to feel as if pregnancy means you can’t be fashionable, tend to stem from the fact that expecting mothers find themselves with very limited options.

A lot of maternity wear brands tend to only cater to a certain style, which is generally the loose, shapeless, and unappealing kind.

However, if you’re looking for better options for your pregnant self when it comes to clothing, then Maternitywear.com.au has plenty of stylish maternity wear options on offer!

You can shop for everything from maternity tops and dresses to lingerie and maternity bottoms online. Based in Australia, they can be the answer to all your pregnancy wardrobe problems


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