Original Digital Art

The Underrated Beauty of Original Digital Art

From freelance animators to well-known artists, all are dabbling in digital art in hopes of using it as their next source of inspiration. However, there are still a few who are reluctant to accept this form of art.

Because digital art uses digital technology rather than canvas and paint like traditional art, many believe that it cannot qualify as the real artistry. They think it to be a shortcut. Where some artists trained for years to become qualified artists, others can simply master a computer program and start churning out art pieces by the dozens.

However, such thinkers do not realize that this concept of quick work is too generalized.

While digital art is in many ways different than traditional art, it is by no means a cake walk to be able to master it. A computer does not make the art for us. The computer mouse simply behaves as the brush, with the computer screen as your canvas.

The Basic Skill and Technique of Digital Art

It’s a common misconception that digital art takes a few minutes to create. The truth is that with digital artistry, the main difference is that you don’t worry about your paintbrushes, colors or canvases.  The computer offers everything you need.

Your only job is to harness your muse and use it to guide your stylus or paint brush. With this technology, you’re able to construct your painting without worrying about your resources, your paint and art equipment. You’re able to choose whichever brush size and type you want, how much paint you want to splash on the canvas itself, how much physical pressure you want to put in the tilt of your brush stroke.

You’re able to create art in the same way as traditional artistry allows. You just have a more modern canvas. Additionally, one where you’re able to clear out your mistakes.

The Ease of Digital Art

Truth be told, while some people might argue that going digital is like working with a shortcut, it’s not. Digital art does make art creation easy, but one needs years to master it, and then use those shortcuts for their own gain.Digital Art for Sale

What’s more, digital art programs are the same to art creation as a word processing program is to writing. It simply makes the art more accessible and easier, but it requires the same amount of hard work.

Buy Digital Art from Burgeoning Artists!

With many artists including Chicago artist Judith Barath offering beautiful digital art for sale, you can take this opportunity and see for yourself how this medium creates the more exquisite works of art.

Visit the gallery today and find a piece that inspires you to learn more about original digital art!

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