Baking Essentials Checklist

The Ultimate Holiday Baking Essentials Checklist

The countdown to Christmas has begun! It’s time to head over to the kitchen and whip up all those Christmassy treats you’ve been waiting for all year. To make this happen, you need to stock up on some baking essentials for your impromptu baking plans. Grab a pen and paper and make your baking essentials checklist!

Cake staples

Every cake batter begins with the magical trio of butter, eggs and flour. These ingredients need to be in your pantry at all times. Brownies, cakes, fruit cakes, cookies, pastry shell, and biscuits are among the recipes you can create with these ingredients. They are incredibly versatile together as well as separately. Stock up on multiple tubs of butter, every recipe uses at least 100g of it!

Contrary to popular belief, you can buy eggs in bulk too. They have a long shelf life and rarely go off. Keep them at room temperature to get the best results. When it comes to flour, choose the one that suits you best. Gluten-free flour and almond meal flour is readily available online.

Warming spices

Christmas cooking is about the warming spices used in the sweet treats. With all the chilly breeze around, you need some ground spices in your desserts to warm the cockles of your heart!

Cinnamon is a versatile spice that’s widely used in baking for subtle warmth. Its earthy flavor also works perfectly with savories. Cinnamon pairs perfectly with fruits like banana, apple, and berries, making it perfect for pie fillings. It’s also required in ample quantities in cinnamon rolls, gingerbread biscuits, and Christmas pudding.

Nutmeg has a sweet, strong taste which is perfect for adding flavor. It brings out the best in carrot cakes, and eggnog. The spice is created by grinding the seeds. Some professional chefs use it in their béchamel sauce to give it a real depth of flavor.


There are many kinds of sugars available. Caster sugar, light and dark brown sugar, icing sugar, Demerara sugar, and the list goes on. There’s no possible way you can buy all the sugars available. Every sugar has its rightful place in particular recipes. Caster sugar is needed to making meringues, while brown sugar is needed for sticky toffee pudding. Expert bakers suggest folks at home to invest in light-brown sugar, icing sugar, caster sugar, and granulated sugar.

Cacao Nibs

This superfood is a super healthy alternative to chocolate. It works well in holiday baking. It gives you all the energy you need while reducing fat. You can get some cacao nibs online, at affordable prices.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate is the heart of all sweet treats. Did you know, according to research, a square of chocolate every day can actually make you live longer? Chocolate is very versatile when it comes to baking and all things sweet. It can be used in cakes, biscuits, tarts, croissants, cheesecakes, mousse, and the list is endless!

There are three main categories of chocolate, white, milk, and dark. It’s fitting to keep all three in your pantry, they are all used for different recipes.

You can buy all kinds of chocolate online, while in the convenience of your own home with Divine Specialties. They provide customers with excellent quality baking supplies online like chocolate coating and almond meal.

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