Thin Hair

Your Ultimate Guide to Caring for Thin Hair

Fine hair needs maintenance. They are more fragile than any other hair type and therefore need to be treated with expertise and care. As thin hair is prone to breaking; it should be treated with a combination of products and a regular hair care regimen to look thicker and stronger.

Follow these effective tips to take care of thin hair, add volume and make them look shinier and thicker.

Wash Hair Regularly

Thicker hair doesn’t need regular shampooing as it tends to be dry. If you’ve got thin hair, as soon as your scalp starts to produce natural oil, they start to weigh your hair down. To avoid making your hair look limp, wash them every day with a gentle shampoo.


Conditioners, through nourishing, can weigh your strands down. Use your condition sparingly and only at the middle and bottom part of your head. Try Allurials Jasmine Hair Conditioner for best results.

Wet Hair

Avoid sleeping right after you’ve showered. This will only make your hair limper the next morning. A great idea for adding volumes and some sexy waves to your hair is to tie them in a braid before bedtime and enjoy beachy curls in the morning. Remember to apply hairspray to make the waves last.


Blow Dry

One the best things you can do to add volume to your mane is to blow dry with your hair upside down. For an extra boost, apply a volumizing mousse to the roots when your hair is still damp and blow dry away!


It is recommended to get your hair trimmed every 10 weeks. When you’re going for a cut, ask for a blunt cut or light layers that will add volume to thin hair and make your head appear fuller.

Styling Tools

While styling tools such as curling/straightening irons and hair dryers can render you beautiful hairstyles; overusing them will result in brittle hair. Thin hair is easier to break, therefore limit the usage of these tools and when you do use them, keep heat settings at the lowest level.

Get Strong Hair With Allurials Products

Allurials creates high-quality, luxury hair products that make your hair stronger, shinier and healthier. All our products are made using the finest, organic ingredients that are chemical-free and unscented so your hair can heal and grow faster. Shop for our natural conditioners, packed with nourishing essential oils today.

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