Types of Party Balloons – Balloons for Every Event

Be it a brand launch at the beach or a corporate dinner—a party without balloons just seems boring, bland and dull. Sure, the music may be great and the food splendid, but the liveliness and joy balloons bring to parties is unparalleled.

However, in order to not make your event look tacky, choosing the correct kind of balloon for the event is ideal. You do not want to decorate the office for a colleague’s farewell party with colorful animal balloons—at least not unless you want to be known as the one who made the office look like a first birthday party for the rest of your duration there.

From latex to foil, and air filled to helium, there are tons of choices out there for events of every kind.



The most popular kinds of balloons, latex balloons come in a number of colors and shapes—but the most widely used is the oval latex balloon. These are versatile and can be used for almost any event. They can even be custom printed to display brand names and product pictures for store openings or corporate events. Latex balloons are also the cheapest kinds of balloons available.



Foil balloons can be both shiny or matte finished and can be shaped in dozens of different styles and shapes. No matter what the occasion, customizes foil balloons will bring life to the party.

These are made from high-quality nylon sheets, are extremely durable, and take much longer to deflate than latex balloons. They are, however, costlier than your average latex balloons. These kinds of balloons are perfect for events that last for more than a few days like store openings and sales.

Metallic Balloons

To give your events a classy flare, mix up a few metallic balloons with your clear balloons for a decorative twist. Metallic balloons can be made of either latex or foil, but the ones made from foil are generally longer lasting than latex ones, albeit costlier.

Helium and Air

Helium or hydrogen-filled balloons typically tend to float in the air whereas air-filled balloons are used to create balloon arches, sculptures or for wall decorative purposes.

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