Types of Eternity Rings

The Types of Eternity Rings and Their Meanings

Eternity rings have been growing in popularity in the recent years as more men are choosing to express their love for their wives with a beautiful diamond ring.

The ring represents the on-going love between two partners that have stood the test of time, bringing both of them closer than ever.

What exactly is an eternity ring?

Compared to engagement rings, eternity rings aren’t as flashy. They consist of a circle of metal made of either yellow gold, white gold or platinum. The metal is aligned with tiny diamond stones.

Note that there is no real rule to what an eternity ring should look like; the basic idea is that it should contain small diamond stones placed close to each other.

Main types of Eternity Rings

There are two main types of eternity rings, full eternity rings, and half eternity rings.

Full Eternity Rings

Full eternity rings typically consist of diamonds throughout their circumference. This means that these rings need to be custom made since the diamonds make resizing difficult.

Half Eternity Rings

Half Eternity Rings

Half eternity rings only consist of small diamond stones halfway through the circumference. These rings tend to be more comfortable because the stones don’t rub into your palm. They are also much easier to resize because the diamond stones are only positioned on one side of the ring.

If you’re looking to surprise your spouse with an eternity ring, a safer choice would be a half eternity ring.

When Are Eternity Rings Given?

Eternity rings are most commonly given after the couple has been together for a long period—typically a decade. Some spouses treat their partners with eternity rings after their first child.

There is no real definition as to what an eternity ring needs to look like because the concept is fairly new. As a general rule, they do not contain centerpieces and have a consistent design across the circumference. They can be as simple or as intricate as you wish.

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