Trippy Fashion Tips — How to Be Fashionably Unique


Made popular during the 60s, psychedelic fashion was in a class of its own. Versatile and vibrant, psychedelic fashion was primarily focused on the hippie movement and the freedom of creativity. However, with something as imaginative as this style, not many people were able to properly incorporate it properly into their personal look.

Alas, many fashion crimes were committed.

Not this time around though! Here are some tips that’ll make your outfit look on-point!

Fashion Tips for Psychedelic Fashion

Use the Flow of the Look

The main factor of psychedelic fashion is that it captures your focus. So why not use it to your advantage by having a psychedelic styled skirt? Pair it with a solid-colored t-shirt, a crop or bikini top and some simple earrings to balance it out. Even better, opt for an asymmetrical skirt so it doesn’t look frumpy.

Aim for Comfort


There’s a wide range of trippy hoodies available online. Pair them with a classic pair of skinny jeans and you’re good to go. The main purpose of this style is to show off your classy choice. Put all the attention on the hoodie by keeping everything else simple.

However, if you’re not much into the overwhelming look of psychedelic styles? Choose a simpler design on sites such as Hoodies Galore. If you want to go all out though, there’s a fine collection of 3D graphic hoodies as well that might grab your attention.

Add Some Leg Cover


You don’t necessarily have to go with something grand when it comes to psychedelic fashion. Companies such as Hoodies Galore also provide plenty of graphic leggings as well that use the same visuals and psychedelic patterns. Again, pairing them with some simple styled tops will do just the trick.

Keep them on the Toes


Not a fan of the full-on look of psychedelic fashion? Get some good shoes instead! This style of fashion has become quite popular so a lot of traders and designers in the industry will be using the patterns and textures for their wares. Just remember to get the right size, especially if you’re shopping online.

Start Shopping Today!

It’s actually quite easy to incorporate psychedelic fashion in your everyday look. You just have to have the right apparel.

So start shopping. Buy from sites such as Hoodies Galore and stock your wardrobe with the best styles from the fashion world!

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