Top Tourist Attractions in Dallas This Winter

The southern state of Texas experiences sunny and hot climate in the Southeast regions and mild winters in the Western regions.Dallas is the fourth largest city in the US and is one of the most populous metropolitan areas of Texas.

The subtropical climate of Dallas offers a respite from the rigid cold. If you’re planning to visit this winter, here are the top attractions you must check out.

Lights All Night Festival

The 2-day dance festival is the biggest party that takes place end of December every year. It is a call for all music enthusiasts to come together toenjoy the music of the Lights All Night Festival.

Only the greatest and most gifted DJs perform. The current lineup of artist includes Diplo, Tiesto, Rezz, Eprom, Mr. Carmack, and other RnB rappers. Brace yourself for a night ofgreat music and dance as you watch your favorite artistsperform on the huge stage.

Dallas Holiday Parade

Scheduledon December 2ndthis year, the Dallas Holiday Parade will celebrate the spirit and magic of the holiday season. It was inaugurated to celebrate the achievements of the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.Each year, since 1987, families gather with their kids toenjoy the festivities.

The streets of Dallas are decorated with huge balloons, festive streamers with marching bands thatenergize the crowd.Soak in the culture of Dallas!

12 Days Of Christmas At Dallas Arboretum

Enjoy the non-existent snow this winter by visiting the Arboretum Botanical Gardens in Dallas.

Get one with the spirit of Christmas and experience an extended holiday with the 12 Days of Christmas Exhibit held in the gardens.You will be blown away by the magnificent hand-made gazebos and the artistic and serene beauty of the Christmas-themed exhibits.

Attend this extended Christmas party that will last from November until end of January.

Kid Film Festival

A fun activity to enjoy with your little ones would be attending the premiers of the kid-friendly movies.

The Kid Film festival runs during the winter months of December and January and showcases blockbuster movies like Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age, and The Lego Movie.

Get passes for the festival and have a great time with your kids!

Kwanzaa Fest

This African-American cultural festival lasts for 7 days from 26th December o the 1st of January. It commemorates the auspicious teachings of the ethnic African ancestors and is celebrated by African-Americans all over the world.

The 2-day Kwanzaa Fest is held in the Automobile Building in Fair Park, Dallas and has an abundance of cultural activities to honor the African heritage.

It is a kid-friendly event with various singing and food eating competitions to keep your children busy. Go out and celebrate your cultural heritage!

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