Top Tips for Layering Men’s Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry for men, the trend is not new at all. From ancient Egyptian pharaohs to Roman senators, jewelry has always been considered a celebration of everything luxurious and powerful.

But while the ancient civilizations were completely comfortable with their men wearing jewelry, the recent centuries have seen it become a taboo for men to wear anything but the most minimal of jewelry.

But circa 1970s, with the rise of statement piece wearing celebrities such as John Travolta and the birth of the punk rock scene, gold chains, medallions and harsh spiky jewelry on men became commonplace—and the rest is history!

But is there any jewelry for the regular man? While the average celebrity may be able to pull off a number of eclectic jewelry styles worn together, it is a bit difficult for the everyday man to pull it off without ending up looking like 2 Chainz!

So, for the average man looking to add a bit of style to his wardrobe, here’s a guide on how to do jewelry layering right:


The first thing to do when layering necklaces is figuring out what style you’re looking for. Do you want to come off as a stylish, dapper dude, or are more inclined towards the smart, casual?

No matter what style you choose, stick to it! It is important that your finished look ties in together as opposed to looking like random pieces thrown on haphazardly.

Always remember the three rules of layering necklaces: find different lengths of necklaces; go for a similar theme or color (or add one statement colored piece with a mix of neutrals), and match the aesthetics of the pieces!


Pair up your new shiny silver watch with a rugged leather bracelet, or a simple colored beaded bracelet or maybe even a metal cuff. Go all the way and pair a number of pieces together—but be careful! There’s a very thin line between classy and “attention-grabby” when it comes to layering bracelets. Stick to the rule of three things per arm.


Perfect for dressing up an understated look, layering up on a few rings can make for a great style statement. But in order not to look too overdone, it is essential that you get the trick to wearing rings right!

If you’re wearing a watch and bracelets on one hand, it might be a good idea to leave the rings for the other hand. While you may still wear rings on that hand, you might want to keep it to just one simple band and two—or three—additional ones on the other.

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