Top Tips to Keep Your Sterling Silver Jewelry in Top-Notch Condition

Sterling silver is a mixture of metals, consisting of 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% often consists of metals like copper to make the resultant alloy harder.

Sterling silver is now used for fine jewelry, and is also popular as a budget jewelry option among those who’ve just started out with their jewelry collections. Regardless of what you think of sterling silver jewelry, you would definitely agree with its versatility and irresistible allure.

If you too find the impeccable shine on your sterling silver jewelry magically mesmerizing,  these tips will help you ensure it never loses the sparkle.

Moisture Is Your Biggest Enemy

Quite opposite to the way our skins actively seek and absorb moisture, when it comes to silver jewelry, moisture is notorious for tarnishing it.

Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Avoid keeping it at your bedside table or in the bathroom. Invest in a jewelry organizer that is lined with some sort of fabric to keep out moisture and humidity.

Give It A Break

Love a piece bit too much? Are you having separation anxiety without your biker bracelet? Well if you love it, you must let it go! Go to the jewelry box that is.

Constant wear will expose your jewelry to all sorts of substances like perspiration, lotions, perfumes etc. As mentioned above, any sort of liquid will damage the luster on your jewelry, darkening it to the point you avoid wearing it.

Take The Day Off

Just like your much needed spa day at the end of the month, send off your sterling silver necklaces and bracelets for their spa day. Have them sent off to the jewelers for a good ol’ polishing session. If you want to give a crack at doing it yourself then invest in a microfiber cloth and give it a try. If you’re still not satisfied then let the professionals take the wheel. It’s quite affordable and the results are stunning.

Toothpaste Is Your Friend

If you find your sterling silver pieces are losing their luster, a toothpaste cleanse could eliminate the signs of dullness. Soak your pieces in warm water for a couple of minutes and then go at them with some white toothpaste (not the clear gels) and a toothbrush.

Gently rub the brush over your jewelry so that you don’t pull apart any chains or gems. Then back into the warm water for some rinsing, dry them off with a microfiber towel and see them unveil themselves to you!

Now that you are well equipped with the ultimate care required for sterling silver, have a look at these latest sterling silver pieces.

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