Top Engagement Ring Trends From The Past, Present And Future

Top Engagement Ring Trends From The Past, Present And Future

Engagement rings date back to the Ancient Egyptians if not earlier. Many Ancient Egyptian bodies were discovered with a metal wire around the left ring finger which the Egyptians believed connected directly to the heart.

There’s some evidence that suggests that the Romans also gave engagement rings as a promise to wed their partners one day.

Engagement rings may have been around for a long time but they didn’t always consist of a diamond; diamond engagement rings came along much later towards the end of the Victorian era.

Let’s take a look at top engagement ring trends from the past, present, and future.

The Past

Diamond engagement rings

The Ancient Egyptians didn’t begin using metal for their rings until later. The earliest Egyptian engagement rings were made of hemp.

Many Shakespearean plays contain engagement ring references; lovers exchanged poesy rings, which are metal bands (usually silver or gold) that have engraved messages on the inside. Sometimes, a silver band would be given for engagement and was replaced with a gold band at the wedding.

The Victorian era was considered the most romantic era because of how much Queen Victoria loved her husband, Prince Albert. Engagement rings from this time contained romantic motifs such as bows, hearts, and flowers.

As decades went on, the style of engagement rings reflected what was happening in society at the time. For example, during the prosperous industrial revolution people had more money to spend on jewelry. Diamond engagement rings of this time consist of intricate lacey details making them pricier than earlier rings.

The Present

In the past, it was easy to spot the most popular engagement ring trends of the decades but today, since consumers have access to a global market, engagement rings come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

With that being said we have a tendency to follow the trends set by engagement ring designs set by celebrities. After Lady Gaga’s heart-shaped diamond engagement ring was seen by the public, the demand for heart-shaped engagement rings spiked. The same happened with Megan Markle’s three-stone-ring.

The Future

It’s difficult to predict jewelry trends for the future however we do know that younger generations are more cautious when spending money; they would rather spend on necessities than discretionary items. Because of this, diamond engagement rings in the future are expected to have thinner bands with smaller stones.

Millennials place more importance on functionality than aesthetics; they would rather have an engagement ring that comfortably fits their budget and can be worn around the workplace without grabbing much attention.

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