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Top Benefits Of Baking With Almond Flour

Once primarily used to give the scrumptious base texture you find in macaroons, almond flour is now one of the standard ingredients in a modern baker’s kitchen. Cook or bake with it, you can not only boost the nutrition of meals you prepare with almond flour, but also create foods without compromising their deliciousness and quality for those who have certain gluten-related eating restrictions.

Processed through blanching and grounding of whole almonds, almond flour has a light texture and a novel, pleasing flavor. Almond flour’s nutrient-rich and tasty integrity makes it a beneficial addition to various baked goods in many ways.

Almond flour contains various positive nutritional values

Almonds are more abundant in protein, vitamin E and fiber than most nuts. Since the entirety of almond flour is almonds and nothing else, the nutritional values are not altered. Not only can almond flour increase the amount of protein and fiber in your baked goods, but also incorporate antioxidant properties of vitamin E, which makes it a heart-healthy ingredient. Almond flour is also a great way to add dash of magnesium and manganese in your baking.

Additionally, variety is important same everything else in our meals.  Different foods give you different nutrients in different quantities. Baking with almond flour can enable you to avoid nutrient excesses or deficiencies in a variety of foods.

Almond flour optimizes texture and flavor

Nuts have a natural tendency to add that unique flavor that complements most ingredients added alongside in baking. The texture of almond-based baked goods is generally light and moist. High-quality almonds have certain sweetness, and combined with its nutty nuances, almond flour turns out great in cakes, cookies, pie crusts and more.

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Almond flour’s versatility makes it perfect for a broad range of foods

You can’t go wrong with a little nuttiness in your cooking and baking, for foods you never even considered could be made better with almond flour. Almond flour can be substituted for normal flours in a variety of thickening, marinating and coating applications in cooking.

In baking, you can either choose to substitute a part of all-purpose flour with almond flour, or all of it. Lighter baked goods can work with just 1/4 of all-purpose flour exchanged for almond flour. Heavier sweet treats, such as cookies or brownies, can be baked with 1/2 of overall flour consisting of almond flour. Almond flour can also be used in sweet breakfast foods such as crepes, pancakes and waffles.

Tip: Follow tried and tested amounts of almond flour in baking, as the unique texture of this ingredient may affect your baking time. If you are baking simply to test out new desserts, then go ahead and experiment!

With such incredible benefits, why wait to start using almond flour in baking? With a focus on high-quality cake supplies, almond meal store Divine Specialties offers premium-quality blanched and natural almond meal/flour in wholesale value for every kind of baker. Discover the delights of this ingredient, and unearth the new flavor possibilities you will love!

Happy baking!

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