Weatherford, TX

Top 4 Things To Do While In Weatherford, TX

Whether you’re visiting Weatherford to escape the throes of daily life or on a business trip, this small little town’s a beauty to be reckoned with! From lush green gardens to history-laden buildings, Weatherford has something for everyone!

Looking to make the most of your Weatherford trip? Here are some of the top things to do while you’re there!

Stroll in the Mythical Chandor Gardens

What’s a trip to Weatherford without visiting the Chandor Gardens? Created in 1936 by one of the most famous portrait artists of his time, Douglas Chandor envisioned the Chandor Gardens in the style of ancient Chinese architectural history. This expansive garden covers an area of 3.5 acres and is located in the historic district of Weatherford.


Here, you’ll get to marvel at the harmonious marriage of eastern and western elements as you walk through the stunning archways. From stone crafted dragons to man-made cascades, this place is the perfect place to unwind. For a relaxing evening in Weatherford, pack your flip flops to take a stroll through the seasonal blooms.

Lose Yourself in All Things Vintage in Downtown Weatherford

If you’re looking to get in touch with the thrumming vintage vein of the Weatherford city, then you must visit downtown Weatherford! Home to a number of rustic eateries and vintage shops, downtown Weatherford will keep you coming back for more. Here you get to let your hippy soul loose by browsing through an array of vintage shops.

Whether you’re looking for home décor infused with vintage aesthetics or looking to buy tee-shirts with eclectic designs, this place’s the perfect fit. If you’re craving for some true downtown-style Weatherford wine, visit the Twisted Snifter. Here you’ll get to sample some unique wines as you learn about wine history.

The Museum Of The Americas—Perfect for History-buffs

Are you someone who loves learning about different civilizations? Then you’re in for a treat with the Museum of the Americas in Weatherford, Texas! From exhibiting indigenous artefacts of the North, South and Native Americas, this museum is something you just can’t miss!

Treat Yourself to Local Beer at Antebellum Ale House

An amazing place for all beer lovers, this place will give you the true taste of the Texas beer! Here you get the chance to become a drink mixer, as you mix different concoctions to craft a unique tasting Texas beer. If beer’s not your thing, you can still enjoy this place by playing a game of Jenga.

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