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Top 4 One Bowl Wonder Desserts

Desserts are food for the soul. And while many find baking and consuming desserts a cathartic experience, most will agree that dealing with the aftermath of baking is something they don’t look forward to — loads of dirty dishes!

But did you know that not all desserts require loads of cutlery and crockery to prepare?

Here are some of the best one bowl desserts that are nothing short of amazing:

One-bowl vanilla funfetti cupcakes

There’s nothing like a vanilla cake with some sprinkles. The sweet cake with the pop of funfetti is the perfect ‘birthday cake’ dessert for days when you want a treat. This dessert just needs one big mixing bowl to prepare the batter, then bake and eat!

This dessert is perfect for tea, bake sales, kid’s lunches, and birthday parties. You can make your life easier by using a cake mix. It eliminates all the measuring out from the whole baking process. Divine Specialties offers a delectable cream cake mix for your funfetti cupcakes.

One-bowl wacky chocolate cake

This chocolate cake is delicious and is called wacky for its unusual ingredients. Instead of eggs and dairy products, this cake requires baking soda and vinegar. The cake turns out moist and pillow-soft every time! Don’t worry about the vinegar, you can’t taste it!

The batter is easy to prepare and won’t require you to get out many measuring cups and tins. You can choose to frost the cake or keep it bare too for the perfect accompaniment to your tea or coffee.

Rice pudding

Rice pudding with some jam is a popular dessert from your childhood. Many of us probably got to indulge in this dessert at our grandparents’ place over the summer.

Rice pudding is a simple dessert to make. It can be prepared over the stove top, making it less precise than baking a cake. Rice pudding is also a delicious way to use up leftover boiled rice. Using a pressure cooker, it can be prepared in just under 10 minutes. Serve hot or cold with some fruit jam.

French meringue

Meringues are light and sweet cookies that are a perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth! They are easy to prepare and only require egg whites and icing sugar. You can add any flavoring you like to the mix, such as mint, strawberry, and even chocolate.

When preparing the mix, make sure there’s no grease in the mixing bowl. This will prevent the egg whites from doubling and becoming stiff and glossy. You could also buy the Divine Specialties Meringue Powder to make your life easier. Prepare a bulk batch of meringues and store in an air-tight container.

You can buy all the key ingredients needed to bake the perfect muffin from Divine Specialties. The company offers top-quality chocolate products and baking supplies online.

Follow their blog for tips, tricks, and inspiration for your next dessert. The company provides free shipping on orders over $99! Contact them for more information.

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