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Tips & Tricks To Up Your Baking Game!

Think heartbreaks are only limited to people? Think again! When you spend hours in the kitchen and pull out a wonderfully flat cake or a fresh batch of tarts with collapsed crusts…Oh, you can definitely hear a crack from within your chest if you listen carefully.

Contrary to what one may think, solid preparation isn’t just required in the examination hall. As anyone with any amount of baking experience would tell you, ending up with scrumptious treats is all about starting off with the right level of concentration, preparation, and good technique.

In short, it’s all or nothing.

To make your baking mission a success, here are the tips to knock all others out the park.

Prevent Bubbles In The Crust

Whether its pie crusts, quiches or tarts, the perfect way to prevent bubbles from developing in the oven or the crusts from collapsing is by a method called blind baking.

Simply cover the crust with aluminum foil, weight it down with pie weights or even rice and then bake the empty shell.

It’s called blind baking because the crust is completely hidden—you’ve got to give props whoever named it.


Cut Layers Like A Pro

When it comes to cutting out the caramelization or excess parts, a multi-layered cake can present a formidable challenge.

Wait, wait! Don’t give up on the idea of baking such a beast already. Since we’re letting you in on all the baking secrets, here’s another one for you.

There is a perfectly simple way of correctly cutting a giant cake without watching it crumble before your eyes.

Bake your cake in advance—no, it will not make it stale before you even eat some of it. This trick will allow time for your masterpiece to cool down completely, become as firm as it needs to be and have a less crumbly texture when cutting.

Say No To Soggy Cakes

Some toppings, creams or frostings can cause flavor-enhancing liquids like liquor or juice to leach right into your cake. It’s when this soak is not required that the problem arises.

How do you prevent a drenched cake base?

Stick your baked convection in the fridge overnight. On the day you plan on serving the cake, melt some chocolate in the microwave and spread a thin layer on to the middle of the chilled dessert. Wait for it to set for around 30 minutes.

Now you’re free to add as many juicy toppings on to your baked delights as you want—no sogginess!

Pick and Choose Your Recipes Wisely

In other words, plan ahead and pick a recipe you know you can handle. Have a special occasion coming up? Or a group gathering you’ll be hosting?

Well, do yourself a favor and before you put your apron on, prepare for the little baking project in advance. From decorative pieces to flavored icing to must-have chef’s tools, ensure all this is handy from the get-go.

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You’re welcome!

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