Tips for Buying a Pre-Used RV

RVs are a lot of fun. There is no denying that but when you’re a college grad looking for the road life, it is possible to get super excited and spend all your savings buying a ‘cool’ camper that breaks down again and again. Because we don’t want your college mates to boo you on the next road trip, we have put together our best advice, with help from a company that sells pre-owned RVs.

A smart idea is to go through the RV without the dealer or the seller present. This will help you spot issues that you may not have noticed before. Here are the red flags to look for:

  • Smells: if you notice funky smells in the home, investigate these for sure. Check appliances and check the plumbing. Funky smells from drains, tanks and undercarriages can indicate issues that will cost you more than the RV in the long-run.
  • Mold:this one is a sure sign of either a leak or some sort of water damage. Look for mold in corners of the roof and seams within the trailer. Go through the cabinets and check under the sink. Take a look at bathroom walls and floors too. Not only is water damage expensive to fix, it can also be a health concern
  • Leaks:again, check corners of rooms and sides of carpeting. Inspect the roof, windows, doors and any areas next to the sinks and plumbing fixtures.
  • Awnings:these may appear as a small deal but they can cost a bit to replace, check if they work properly.
  • Roof:you can check the roof for paint getting off, cracks and any bubbles on the surface. You may need to replace the roof if the RV has been stored in an area with lots of sun for a long time.
  • Water damage:to check for this, press your hands against walls. Remember, walls don’t have soft spots. Do not buy an RV with water damage, no matter how many road trips you can envision in it.
  • Rust:check for this under the unit. The undercarriage can make a lot of difference on the road and especially over bumps. Ensure that the metal wheels meant to keep the backend from dragging are in decent condition if not pristine.

Take a drive

Ask them to let you test drive the RV. Put away the excitement of your new mobile bachelor pad and go through different speeds (be safe!), check turns and brakes to see how well it drives. Take scope of the places you intend to take the rig to. If you intend to take it up slopes and mountains, test it on hills and keep track of engine performance. If the RV has trouble keeping up, it will be worse with more weight in the future.

Buy from a dealer

This is your best bet when investing such a big chunk of your investment. Dealers also store RVs in better conditions and they also do minor repairs in order to sell it better, which works for you. Do your research and don’t get stuck with a lemon!

We took help from RV Land for this article. These guys are full of all things RV; they’ve got RV parts, used RVs and Campers for sale as well as offering maintenance and RV repairs for you to have a stress-free time traveling or living! Give them a call at (512) 234-6978 or visit their site and get yourself that RV today!

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