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Tips to Achieve the Best E-liquid Flavors

The BBC online published an article on how there is a significant rise in the number of people taking up vaping. This comes as no surprise as many of those who vape took up this activity as an aid in moving away from conventional smoking due to health reasons.

There are others still who have taken up vaping recreationally because of the sheer choice by way of flavors! Regardless of why you may have started vaping, if you’re into steeping or enhancing your e-juice flavors, here are some things you can try!

Device Settings

One sure and safe way to enhance the flavors of the e-juice you’re vaping is through adjusting the settings on your device. Settings that influence the flavor you receive include wattage and airflow as well as temperature options.

When it comes to temperature and wattage, it helps to start low and slowly increase the wattage or temperature on your device until you the desired flavor intensity.

If you’re someone into vape clouds, chances are your airflow settings are on high. Though this is great for clouds it does tend to dampen the flavor of your vape juice to a degree. Reducing the amount of air flowing into your device also helps enhance flavor.

You can play with these settings until your achieve the ideal flavor intensity.

Device Maintenance

Device maintenance plays an important part in the flavor that is delivered. If you do not take adequate care of your vaping device, you might face problems that adversely affect flavor delivery. These include:

  • Poorly maintained tanks adulterate flavors due to old residue.
  • Wicks may also carry the essence of previously vaped e-juice
  • Damaged coils may not provide the wattage and temperature they are set to

All these things tend to make a mess of your e-juice flavor, even if you’re using premium e-juice brands! Keep those tanks clean, change those wicks frequently and make sure your coils are working as they should!


We don’t always recommend steeping as it can sometimes make a real mess of your juice. At the same time, if you’re really bent on giving it a go, we’ll break it down for you!

Steeping involves the mild application of heat, mixing and airing out of standard or premium vape juice. This can be done in a number of ways some of which include:

  • Zip-locking the juice you want to steep. Placing the bag in a bowl of warm water until the same returns to room temperature. The bottles may then be removed, shaken and uncapped.
  • Zip-locking the juice bottles and leaving them in the dashboard of your car then repeating the shake and air out step.
  • Placing bottles about a foot away from a heater set on low or medium and then doing the shake, uncap and test procedure.

There are other ways you could try to steep your e-juice for enhanced flavors but the ones above are the simplest known methods.

Winding Down

There are other ways you can enhance your e-juice flavors which include changing the materials your wicks and coils are made of. Alternatively you could even adjust the position of your airflow nozzle in relation to your coil or invest in a narrow bore tip.

You might not know but if you buy premium e-juice, chances are you won’t need to do much by way of flavor enhancement!In any case, we hope you find the pointers above helpful! Happy vaping!

Café Racer is a company and online vape shop that has been selling vape kits, paraphernalia and manufacturing and selling premium vape-juice to customers and clients for over ten years.

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