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The Ultimate Guide to Mounting a Scope on a Rifle

There’s a wide array of factors that determine how accurate a rifle is, with proper scope mounting one of the primary ones. All of us can agree that you can’t shoot accurately with a scope that’s been mounted incorrectly. Regardless of people’s perceptions, there’s a lot more to mounting a rifle scope than just tightening some screws and putting in into some rings.

Most shooters and hunters simply pay a gunsmith to mount a scope to their rifles. However, not all gunsmiths do it correctly. If you really want to ensure that your rifle is 100% accurate, it’s best to mount your rifle scopes yourself.

Over the course of this blog, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on mounting a scope to a rifle correctly so you can get maximum accuracy on your shooting/hunting excursions, and you don’t have to depend on anyone else’s handiwork.

First Step: Securing Your Bases

Before you do anything else, make sure that the bolt of your rifle is removed, it’s unloaded and it’s pointed in a safe direction. This is crucial. After that, put the rifle in a gun cradle or vice. The next step is removing all traces of oil and grease from the receiver’s base, screws, holes and rings. If your rifle’s receiver has built-in bases, you can skip this step.

After all traces of grease have been removed, you can proceed to mounting the scope base on your rifle’s receiver. Make sure the scope bases are accurately aligned with the mounting holes before tightening each screw individually.

Second Step: Mounting the Rings

Once the scope bases have been mounted, the next step is attaching the rings to the base. If you’re working with a dovetail ring, pivot it into place using a wooden or metal dowel. Do not pivot the rings with the scope itself! After the rings are in position, tighten in the screws as recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once the scope rings have been securely mounted, remove the top part of the rings and put them away in a safe place.

Third Step: Adjusting the Eye Relief

The third and final step is adjusting the eye relief. First, you position the scope into the rings, replace the top part of the rings, and tighten the screws lightly. Then, you take the rifle out of the vice and hold it up to your eye as you would when aiming at a target. Adjust the eye relief by moving the back and forth as necessary. Move the scope forward as far as you can while still having a clear sight (there shouldn’t be any black around the picture’s edges) when you’re looking through the scope.

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