All Tangled Up: A Guide To Preventing Tangled Hair

Long and lustrous hair looks beautiful on anyone who owns them. This holds true not only for natural hair, but for hair extensions as well. Not only do they look simply gorgeous, but they are extremely versatile when it comes to styling. However, it’s not a secret that maintaining long and healthy hair takes quite a bit of effort.

For one, they seem to take forever to dry. But what’s perhaps more frustrating is that with long hair, we often end up with tangles and knots that take much of our time to get rid of and can be severely damaging for our strands as well.

So, why does hair tangle in the first place?

Hair tangling can be attributed to an array of reasons, such as the texture of the hair, the frequency with which hair is brushed as well as how often it is left exposed to wind. Hair that is more likely to end up in tangles is usually quite thick and curly in texture or is long and fine.

Furthermore, dry and damaged hair is always more prone to tangles, as is hair that is not brushed often during the day. Another reason why hair could end up being tangled is if it is kept down while sleeping.

Reducing the Tangles

If your hair is anything like what’s discussed above, it’s definitely prone to tangle. Although reducing tangles does not have a permanent treatment, there are many ways to prevent them.

Conditioning Your Hair and Extensions.

As a rule of thumb for beautiful and tangle-free hair, always condition your hair after shampooing to help it regain the moisture it requires to remain free of tangles. Give it time to soak in, for at least 15 minutes before you rinse it out.

Use DIY, All Natural Hair Masks

If you’re someone who stays busy with a tight schedule but struggles with tangled hair, you may want to loosen up some time to put on a hair mask at least once a week. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes on the lower end and will result in your hair feeling smoother, silkier and free of tangles!


Cut Down On The Heating Tools

If you’re someone who loves heat-styling your hair, this may be a little bit difficult to get used to but this is the one thing that will pay off the most, in the long run.

When we heat-style our hair, a lot of moisture gets lost and the hair end up getting dry and damaged. If you must use heating tools, make sure to use a hair protecting serum and put the styling tool on a low or medium heat setting.

Loosely Braiding Your Hair While Sleeping

Our hair tends to tangle while we sleep due to the friction caused while tossing and turning. It’s advisable to loosely tie your hair while sleeping to avoid it from getting tangled up during the night.

Don’t Let It Down

If your hair is long and fine, it’s best to not leave it down for the entire day. Brush out your hair gently throughout the day to keep it smooth and tangle-free.

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