Taking a Tolerance Break: 5 Things That Might Help You Out

If you’re someone who has been smoking that herb for a while and have decided you might want to take a tolerance break, good on you! Deciding you want to take a tolerance break can be quite a daunting decision, depending on how long you’ve been at it.

At the same time, tolerance to marijuana is real as research suggests and develops through regular use of the same.

If you are all geared up to give your herb a break, even if only for a bit, we have some tips and pointers you might find helpful.

Tolerance Breaks: 5 Things That Might Help

One of the reasons people take tolerance breaks as the name suggests is to reduced tolerance. Increased tolerance means the effect of the herb will be a little duller than it used to and that you will need more to get you as baked so to speak!

Taking a tolerance break is a good idea, but it can be pretty challenging. That being said, some of the things listed below are tried, tested and known to be helpful with the same.

Find a Substitute


If you smoke marijuana regularly, the likelihood is that you have your little daily rituals around it. Whether this is a joint post work or a pipe hit after meals, you won’t be able to partake in these rituals till your break is done. Keeping this in mind, if your rituals are a way for you to unwind, you will need to find a substitute.

This could be an activity you engage in be it reading, video games or stamp collecting. Just make sure you find something to kill time and fill in for the moments you would spend prepping and smoking. You will feel less anxious and miss it less!

Holistic Healing

It helps to sometimes track your progress when taking tolerance breaks. Tracking helps you not only understand your break and how it influences you better. It will also give you a sense of achievement when you see you have crossed certain milestones by way of time and abstinence.

Feel free to chart your progress (or even the degree of your cravings), keep a journal or make any other kind of visible record of the break you have embarked upon.



Exercise is a brilliant way to take the edge of the day when you’re not smoking. Your break might leave you with a lot of excess energy to process and deal with. If this is the case, make sure you get the physical exertion you need.

Whether this is an hour at the gym, regular yoga sessions or an evening post work run, make sure you get the exercise you need. This way, you use up excess energy, tire yourself enough to sleep and naturally produce endorphins to make up for those you’re missing out on!

Eat Right

There are certain food types like anti-oxidants that serve to detoxify your body. Detoxifying is what helps bring your tolerance back to normal in this case. Make sure you eat the right food and hydrate as much as possible.

We’re talking greens, fresh juices, lots of yoghurt and anything else that raises your metabolism or de-oxidizes your system!

Be Patient

Understand that your tolerance break might be a bit of a handful! You will have trouble sleeping, you might find yourself a little on edge and if you were using the marijuana as pain medication you will have that to contend with. It can be quite the ask; yet all for the better!

Just be patient and understand that it isn’t forever. Don’t count days or freak out. Breathe and remind yourself that it is only temporary and that you will have access to your herb again before you know it!

Winding Down

The points above should keep you going and help facilitate that break. At the same time, if you feel like this isn’t enough, remember, if you get through that break, your high just goes up tenfold! Good luck folks!

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