Survival Arms: 6 Brilliant Options for when things get Wild

Mankind and firearms have a long history when it comes to hunting and braving the outdoors. Today though we’re not under any kind of natural threat for the most part, those of us who enjoy taking trips into the wild may still end up exposed from time to time.

The question is, are there any kind of firearms that are best suited to outdoor survival? Yes there are! We have listed some brilliant options below that would be helpful to have on your person if you ever find yourself in a fix when pitted against nature and the outdoors!

Long Guns

Long guns make a brilliant selection when it comes to outdoor survival. Apart from being available in lightweight models and designs, these guns offer increased accuracy when it comes to aiming at targets at a distance.

Having a long gun and a few rounds in your arsenal is always great to eliminate threats before they get too close!

Semi Automatic Rifles

Of course you don’t want to be caught unprepared but in case you are and the threat in question is too close, a long gun might not cut it. In such instances semi-automatic rifles like the trusty AR-15 are brilliant potential options.

The AR-15 in particular is known for being easy to carry, very simple to use and of course, brilliant in situations where you don’t have time to keep reloading! That being said, there are other options when it comes to close quarter survival!

Pump Action Shotguns


The pump action shotgun is not just a strong candidate when it comes to home defense. The same can keep you protected even when facing adversity close quarters in an outdoor setting. Though terrible when it comes to long distance accuracy, there are few things that can beat the stopping power of a 12 bore/gauge round flying out the muzzle of a pump action shotgun close quarters!

One brilliant option is the SLP semi-automatic 12 gauge pump actions manufactured by FN America. Apart from being highly reliable, the same is known for its soft recoil making it manageable by even those who are new to firearm use!

22 LR Hand Gun

There are times when you might encounter smaller yet equally deadly natural risks such as snakes and coyotes for instance. In such cases, you don’t want to be overdoing it by firing off a pump action and having debris fly all over the place.

A handgun capable of shooting 22 LR size rounds would be more than adequate for such a situation.

44 Magnum or 45 Caliber Handgun

Of course if you’re going somewhere that you’re bound to encounter say more wild bears than snakes, you probably want more stopping power. In such instances, a 44 Magnum or 45 Caliber Handgun would be advised!

Commando or Hunting Dagger

The thing about living in the world today is that we sometimes forget that the best defense is a simple yet decisive offense. If you buy guns online and purchase arms made by well reputed manufacturers, chances are they won’t fail on you.

At the same time, the thing about survival is that you need to be prepared for anything and everything. For this reason, the last item on this list is not a gun. It’s a dagger. You can get some great sturdy stainless steel daggers from outdoor supply as well as arm stores.

Regardless of how many guns you intend on carrying, make sure you pack one of these babies for that trip outdoors. When it comes to survival, that last line of emergency defense is crucial!


You will still need to decide on other specifics such as manufacturing company, size and weight. This being said, the arms stated above are just the kind that will help you brave any and all outdoor survival obstacles!

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