Summer Fabric Washing Tips

With spring bidding farewell, summer is just round the corner. This means you can finally take off all those extra layers of fleece and wool and flaunt summer wardrobe. But with greater choice of clothing comes the added responsibility to care for your summer dresses as well.

If you truly love your summer clothes, you won’t risk ruining your beloved garments with conventional washing tips. But in order to give your fashion line a good treatment, you’ll need to do some extra research and experimentation to know what works best for each fabric.

Here are a few summer washing tips for your wardrobe.


Cotton is by far the most worn fabric during summers. Because of its versatility and breathability, it’s the most common choice of wear in the hottest of regions. It’s also vastly preferred because of the crisp, matte look which looks equally fresh in all summer colors. Even though it’s a durable fabric, there’s a risk of color bleeding if you wash multiple colors in a single cycle.


If you choose to wash it at home, you have to be extra careful for each colored garment and that’s an exhausting job. It’s always better to pick a nearby wash-and-fold service to get your  cotton wear neatly pressed and ready to wear without any hassle.


Linen is a soft, comfortable fabric that’s equally popular for its breathability during the hot season. Even though it can be easily washed, you need to be careful about the temperature of water and speed of the cycle. With tons of chores to run, you might set the machine on a fast cycle which will ruin the fabric. Linen also turns out better if air-dried in the sun instead of being spun in a dryer. No one nowadays has the time to spread freshly laundered clothes in the sun and wait for them to dry. You can save yourself the extra work and risk of ruining by giving your linens to a local dry cleaner.

Beach Towels


When the sun is out, it’s time to hit the beach. Even though taking a dip in the ocean or soaking in the summer sun sounds fun, but cleaning the beach towels after is anything but fun. The beach sand settles at the base of the towel fibers and it gets extremely hard to dislodge the sand during wash. Unless you shake off the sand immediately, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it. And if you skip ridding the towels of the sand, it can damage the washing machine. Giving your beach towels to a professional laundry service is a better idea since they can return your towels—nice and fluffy—without any hassle.

Want to get your summer wear washed and pressed?

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