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Streamlining Your Method of Outsourcing

Outsourcing isn’t just about palming our excess work or a load you cannot handle to an external team. It is also not as simple as just delegating tasks you feel drain your workforce and resources and hence hamper your efficiency. Be it HR consulting services, private exchange services or simply assistance on a project, it is about understanding the requirements of your organization, and finding the right outsourcing model to best suit your requirements and invariably, improve organizational efficiency.

Different Types of Outsourcing

There are various outsourcing or engagement models that can be followed depending on a company or organizations specific needs.

Questions you might want to ask yourself include but are not limited to; are you understaffed? Do you lack a particular skill set? Are you looking for help in the general day-to-day running of things or are you looking for support for a particular project?

These and other such questions should help you decide which outsourcing model will best suit your needs.

Managed Services

HR Consulting firmThis involves the service provider having hands-on involvement in an organization’s infrastructure and management of other included functions. Here the service provider is involved with regular administration, overseeing and regulation of all things concerned with the area or department that they have been assigned to manage.

This is usually done by handing over departments such as IT, Sales and HR among others.

Project Based Outsourcing

Simply put, this is when a company hires a service provider to work closely with them on the undertaking of a single project.

Though the final say naturally rests with the company CEO or board of directors, the outsourcing firm is given a fair bit of freedom in the means they use to achieve the desired results.

This relationship is terminated when the project ends but may be revived for other projects if all parties involved are satisfied.

Staff Augmentation

If a company feels an assignment or project has specific or specialized requirements and they lack the skill set needed in their full time workforce, or the funds to hire someone with such a skill set on a full time basis, staff augmentation is an effective model that allows them to add on people with the right skills on a temporary or part time basis.


This is done when time consuming or complex processes are handed over to an external provider. These processes may include but are not limited to licensing, contracting, customer care and at times full on manufacture. These arrangements are often malleable and can be negotiated in a simple and flexible manner.


Assess the needs of your company and organization and choose your outsourcing model according to what you need. It often helps to seek support in areas such as HR from a reliable firm and it is never a bad idea to seek support from professionals dedicated to such support.

JS Benefits Group is an HR Consulting firm based in Pennsylvania, serving organizations and companies and working with more than 30 of the best carriers across the Mid-Atlantic.

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