Solo in Seattle: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Many people desire to embark on a solo trip not just for ancient historical sites, cultural experiences, or to immerse themselves in rich culinary scenes—but rather to truly discover who they are. To discover what makes them grateful to be alive, what gives their life a purpose. You give yourself the opportunity to spend quality time (and that too, unapologetically), with the most important person in your life: you.

Seattle, the eternal Emerald City as they call it, can be an ideal haven for your solo adventure. It’s rich in history, it’s multicultural, and you’ll never fall short of things to do here. It attracts millions of tourists every year, in fact, in 2018, 40.9 million tourists visited the city, with the number of overnight visitors increasing by 2.3 percent.

Below we offer you the ultimate travel guide for your solo trip in Seattle!

Space Needle

Overcome your fear of heights by walking up the Space Needle. Travelling solo can be an excellent opportunity to conquer your fears. The Space Needle is one of the most popular landmarks globally and is a cherished Seattle icon. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, and continues to portray the innovative side of Seattle even today. It’s 605’ tall, and you’ll be able to enjoy incredible views of water, mountains, and of course, the city lights. This is one of the most photographed structures of the world as well, so make sure you don’t miss out on that selfie!


Pike Place Market

Sure, lavish malls and high-end boutiques have their own charm, but sometimes solo adventures are all about simplicity, the appreciation of the small things. Pike Place Market is Seattle’s largest farmers market, and has been around since 1907. It’s open 363 days a year and incorporates a nine-acre Market Historic District. Enjoy plenty of fresh produce stalls, local fruits, and vegetables. Bon appétit!

Woodland Park Zoo

Reconnect with nature at Seattle’s 92 acre Woodland Park Zoo, consisting of over 300 animal species. Award-winning Woodland Park Zoo is known for having naturalistic exhibits and it sets the bars high when it comes to international standards for zoos in animal care, conservation, and education programs. Along with housing diverse wildlife, it also prides itself on saving their habitats and it has carried out more than 40 field projects worldwide. The zoo is surely making an impact in our world’s future ecological health and sustainability.

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