Smoking Weed for the First Time? Here’s What You Should Know

It has not been very long (though it took forever) since cannabis was decriminalized and legalized to the point of slowly growing socially acceptable. Today, it’s not the liberal youth that has a taste for the herb. Everyone from working professionals and high functioning executives to software engineers and retired seniors have been sampling the many strains of weed available today.

If you’re someone new to the culture and are not sure where to begin or how to carry yourself, this blog is for you!

Smoking Weed for the First Time: What You Should Know

Smoking for the first time can be exciting, daunting or a mix of both depending on who you are where you’re coming from. In any situation, here are a few things you should know before you sit down for that first toke!


You might think we’re talking about what happens after you smoke here but we’re not. In the initial days of smoking weed, what mood you’re in and how you set things up before you proceed to smoke plays a part. If you’re sitting down for your first toke, you don’t want to under stress or in hurry.

The best way to go is to find a comfortable spot, sit back, breathe easy, turn on your favorite tunes maybe and relax yourself. How you feel before you smoke will set the tone for what you experience after.

Try not to Mix


Many people take their first toke while on the go or immersed in some other activity. This could be outside a club or a bar while you’re having a smoke, at a festival where you might have other things going on or even at a house party.

Though we’re no sticklers, what we would advise those smoking for the first time who really want to get a sense of what this herb is about is to do so without any other substance. Taking your first two tokes with a clear head will allow you to really understand and enjoy the herb to the fullest. It might also save you from getting too high and feeling unpleasant.

Ambiance Matters

Where you smoke plays a part in facilitating your high particularly in those early days. You don’t want to smoke somewhere that leaves room for worry, stress or paranoia. You also don’t want to be in a setting where you might feel over conscious.

The best settings to smoke for the first time in are those that are familiar and in the company of people you know well, trust and are okay being awkward around if that is what happens.

The First Few Tokes Might Take a Bit to Hit

Last but not least, do keep in mind that at times it takes a bit for the weed to take effect. Further, many first time smokers report feeling little to no effects the first time they tried only to get quite stoned on the second go. This may have something to do with our perception and the fact that our minds may not be geared to process the subtitles of the high.

Don’t panic if you don’t feel much the first time. You will eventually (if you’re inhaling properly that is).

The Upshot

Take it easy, take it slow, don’t stress or panic and don’t smoke for the first time in an uneasy setting. Stay mindful of the points shared above and you should be good! Happy toking folks!

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