From Simple to Stunning: Ways to Dress Up Your Hoodie

You have to admit, sometimes there’s nothing better than cozying up in comfy clothes, especially in the cold winter months. There’s nothing better than a pair of cozy sweats and your favorite hoodie. But alas, you can’t wear a hoodie to work or to a party… or can you?

Thanks to the current fashion trends, athleisure has firmly entrenched itself into the fashion mainstream. It’s actually cool to wear a hoodie and slacks now! But provided you wear them right; if not styled correctly, athleisure can turn from hot to hobo real fast.

So how do you rock a hoodie to work or for a girls night out all the while maintaining style? Read on!

Mix and Match It!

While head-to-toe athleisure is definitely trending, it might be a little too laid-back for office-wear. But you can still wear a comfy hoodie to work if you style it right. The trick to pulling off a hoodie as formal wear is to mix and match it with other staid pieces of clothing. For example, you can pair a hoodie with formal dress trousers, or you can layer it under a sober blazer. This look works great for a working weekend.

Pair It With Something Stylish

All set for a girls’ night out in town but the temperature outside isn’t high street fashion-friendly? Hoodies to the rescue!

For party-wear, you can dress up the hoodie by pairing it up with something fancy and fussy, like a fringe skirt. Or if you’re going for something a little edgier, you can pair it up with a bright colored fitted skirt.


On Its Own

Hoodies are independent, strong clothing items! They don’t need anything else to style them up! In this case, an oversized hoodie can work fine all on its own as a makeshift dress. But for a more polished look, instead of reaching for the sneakers, pair it up with some over-the-knee boots. This’ll look great as a brunch outfit!

Sequin Savior

A sequined skirt paired up with a casual hoodie is a match made in heaven. If you’re looking to dress up casual clothing pieces such as hooded sweatshirts, what better way than to pair it up with the most luxe of items in your wardrobe? Sequins, velvet, and leather skirts will pair up perfectly with hoodies.

Layer It Down

Add a little drama to your look by layering your hoodie under a long coat or a vest. Coupled with some thigh-high boots, this outfit will be the perfect example of party on the front and business on the back style.

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