Shannon 28

The Shannon 28: A Masterpiece of Nautical Design

For sailing enthusiasts, the search for the perfect offshore voyaging rig is never over as they’re always on the lookout for better vessels to enhance their sailing experience. Your current sailboat might have been your trusted companion for numerous offshore excursions.

However, as the performance of all contemporary boats inevitably deteriorates with time, you might need a boat upgrade soon enough. If you’re interested in purchasing a new vessel for offshore cruises, there isn’t a vessel better than the Shannon 28!

Design Specifications of the Shannon 28

Shannon 28 is a mid-sized yacht designed specifically for comfortable ocean sailing. Walter Schulz and Associates launched the boat in the year 1978. The dimensions of the boat are as follows:

  • Length on Deck (LOD): 28 feet
  • Load Waterline Length (LWL): 22 feet 11 inches
  • Displacement: 9300 pounds

Equipped with the powerful Yanmar 18 HP engine and a 20 gallon fuel tank, Shannon 28 can easily be used for long distance sailing if needed. The boat also has a draft of over 4 feet and a 9 feet long beam. The rig type is typically cutter.

Top Features of Shannon 28

Here’s everything that makes Shannon 28 a nautical masterpiece:


It’s difficult to precisely define seaworthiness of a boat, as it is more like a concept. To put it simply, a seaworthy vessel is one that can withstand the harshest of conditions at the sea. The Shannon 28 has multiple attributes that make it a seaworthy sailboat. Its wide and sturdy hull keeps the boat from capsizing. Its keels also prevent it from sliding sideways, which adds to its seaworthiness.


Experienced sailors will agree; lack of deck space reduces the quality of the sailing experience. The Shannon 28, with a deck up to 28 feet in length, offers plenty of room to move around. The aft cockpit cabin is also equipped with backrests that are angled perfectly to provide optimum comfort.

Ease of Handling

The Shannon 28 is perfect for those who prefer boats that can be single-handed. Rudder magazine editor and sailing expert, Monk Farnham, used a Shannon 28 to travel across the Atlantic single-handedly more than two times in his life. This earned him and the boat a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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