Safe Shooting

Safe Shooting: Important Tips for Responsible Hunting

The online hunting magazine Wide Open Spaces published a blog in which shooting accidents were named as one of the prime causes of hunting injuries. Anyone who is looking to go hunting this year is probably concerned with staying safe while having a good time.

If you’re new to hunting or even someone who has been around, taking precautions to keep yourself and others safe is of utmost importance.

Important Hunting Safety Tips

There’s a lot of hunting safety tips that you could look into, however, we’re only going to elaborate on those we feel are most pertinent to hunters using firearms.

Watch What You Load

Using the wrong rounds in your rifle or shotgun can result in rifle jams or even accidents such as backfires and barrel explosions. If you want to make sure that the firearm does not blow up in your hands (or face), make sure you’re loading it with the right ammunition.

Also try to keep different rounds separate so you don’t mix them up when reloading in a hurry.

Easy on that Trigger

Responsible Hunting

Hunting is about taking your time, placing yourself, aiming and making your mark. It’s not about auto-firing in every direction without hesitation. Make sure you take it easy on the trigger. Think before you take each shot and don’t shoot without making sure you’re aiming right first.

Beyond Targets

IF you’re using a rifle or a shotgun with a slug, over penetration is something you will need to take into account. Oftentimes, shooting accidents occur because rounds run right through the target hitting other hunters or individuals that might be standing downwind and within range.

In order to avoid this, it is important to make sure that the area before, around and beyond your target is clear of any bystanders. Shoot only when you know that the proximity is clear in order to avoid accidents relating to over penetration.

Use the Prescribed Gear

There is a reason why orange hats and jackets are prescribed for use during hunting. These make you easily visible to other hunters in the area, hence, preventing you from getting shot accidentally. Don’t leave your safety gear behind. If you’re out hunting in the open, make sure you’re fully kitted!

Carry a First Aid Kit

A first aid kit can mean the difference between life and death. Even if you can’t perform a full on surgery with the same, you can always opt for stopgap measures that will help whoever is injured keep it together till you reach the hospital.

Make sure your first aid kit is equipped with items such as QuickClot which is brilliant to temporarily stop bleeding from open wounds.

Hunt with a Buddy

Whether you’re hunting or simply camping outdoors, you’re at the mercy of nature and the elements. Even if you take all the precautions needed, you might still find yourself in an accidental situation that may be hard to navigate if you’re on your own.

It always helps to have someone in your corner. This is not just for the company. It’s also so that incase anything goes wrong, the two of you can at least back each other up!

Winding Down

There you have it folks. The most important safety tips when it comes to hunting. Follow these as well as your basic firearm safety and you should be good to go. Also, make sure you purchase your hunting gear, ammunition and other items from a reliable vendor.

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