Rules that Every PA46 Pilot Should Live By

Whether you’ve taken up piloting lessons for the Piper PA46 aircraft recreationally or areserious about becoming an aviation instructor yourself, you have taken your first step in to the world of piloting.Flying a PA46 aircraft can be both a challenging and rewarding task. It is both exhilarating and nerve-racking maneuvering an aircraft in the sky.

So, there is much you need to learn before you can successfully take off on your own. This list of rules will help you keep a straight head while piloting the Piper PA46.

Learn to Aviate, Communicate, and Navigate

These three things should be at the foremost of all piloting operations, especially in emergency situations. It has been seen that sometimes pilots get so focused on solving a problem in an emergency situation that they forget to fly the plane, leading to an even more disastrous scenario. The axiom “Aviate, communicate, navigate” teaches PA46 pilots to first fly the plane, communicate what is wrong, and then navigate through what can be done.

Always Leave Room for a Way Out

This rule states that PA46 pilots should always leave a way out for themselves when piloting an aircraft. This means never getting yourself into a tricky situation that you can’t get yourself out of. Make sure you’re never backed up against a corner where you have nowhere to go. When flying, always plan alternate routes, scope out emergency landing spots, and keep extra resources ready.

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Nothing Can Fly Without Fuel, Even You

Just like your PA46 isn’t going to fly without fuel, you won’t either. It is important to give yourself sufficient nutrition in order to better focus on flying without any hindrances.

Don’t Take Off Unless You Can Land

This is similar to the saying: don’t start off a project unless you’re absolutely sure you can follow through with it. So, when it comes to flying your PA46, the take off may be optional, but the landing is definitely mandatory. So, don’t take off until you’re sure you can land.

Stay Ahead of the Aircraft

While flying the PA46, don’t let the aircraft take you anywhere that your mind hasn’t already been to five minutes earlier. You need to stay ahead of the game; that means you must always plan the next step. Prepare for any unseen situations before they happen, such as a technical difficulty. Similarly, prepare in advance for things that are scheduled as well, such as landings. This will help you stay prepared at all times so that you’re not blindsided by any curveballs.

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