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The Right Way to Display Your China Collection

Just as accolades deserve to be displayed and exhibited in the best possible manner, so does a collection of China crockery. It’s no less of an achievement to have a complete collection of China to your name!

Owning an exquisite set of gold-rimmed China plates and a matching tea set is truly a luxury worth noting. It’s a sign of fine taste and extravagant living to wine and dine in these classy plates and sip from the delicate teacups.

However, China items must not be reduced to everyday use by being stacked up in the dishwasher and lined along the kitchen sink. They need to be cherished, revered and exalted to the top-most shelf of your bookcase to offer maximum visibility and protection!

Here are a few suggestions for displaying your China collection aesthetically.


The first and foremost rule that you should know about China display is that it must maximize visibility.

Aligning your plates diagonally across the shelf to fit more pieces in a limited space can compromise on the display. Or setting a large tea pot or soup bowl in front of an intricately-carved plate is a waste of beauty!

The best way to display your China collection is to offer each piece of individual attention. This can be done by using plait rails or stands that not only limit the number of pieces that can fit together but also make sure that each piece remains safe and intact.

Dedicating an entire wall to your China collection is yet another creative way of exhibiting your treasure. You can use an invisible adhesive disc for plates to hang them up safely without the fear of falling! The expanse of the wall also makes it possible to showcase each piece from the collection without compromising the visibility of another.


While arranging your plates, saucers, teacups, and quarter plates, make sure to create a pattern that is symmetrical and consistent across the whole display. Symmetry is of utmost importance when showcasing this invaluable piece of art because it pronounces every single detail engraved on it.

A tried and tested way of maintaining symmetry is to line the largest pieces in the background and set the smaller ones at the front. For example, full-sized plates can be lined adjacently behind the smaller bowls and teacups. You can also create a geometric pattern with the saucers and the teacups by tilting one over another like a domino trail.


Don’t get too carried away while decorating your China collection in your bookcases or on shelves. The main aim shouldn’t be to display it in such a way that jeopardizes its safety.

If you’re planning to set your collection on floating shelves attached to a wall, make sure you use plate stands to avoid losing even a single piece. If you’re planning to hang your China treasures on the wall, double-check the adhesiveness of your hanger before relying on it.

With adhesives, the damage can be two-fold: the risk of falling or the stickiness remaining on the surface. Only choose the most reliable adhesives available to make sure your plate is spotless and in its original condition after taking down!

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