How To Remove The Scent Of An Unwanted Perfume

The phrase “long lasting fragrance” is as much a blessing as a nuisance.

You may not like the scent of a perfume after applying it but the fragrance is there to stay. Whether you want to change the usual scent you wear, or simply dislike a scent, you will need to know how to remove it.

Here are a few tips to get rid of unwanted perfume scents.


Putting your scented clothes out in the open under sunlight will alleviate the smell you dislike.

Blowing wind helps in carrying away the smell and neutralizing the way your dress smells. Plants also help absorb scents from their surroundings. If hanging your dress on a cloth line is not possible, airing it under a fan where there is preferably some sunlight should also help. The duration for which they need to be aired depends on the saturation of the scent and how profusely the perfume was applied.


It is best to make a mixture of warm water and one cup baking soda and soak your clothes in it for an extended period, preferably overnight to get rid of the scent. This method is most effective when followed by washing.



This is guaranteed to remove unwanted scents and odors from your clothes. An unscented laundry detergent should do the deed. For better results, a cup full of distilled white vinegar should be mixed in water while rinsing the clothes. The rinse cycle can be repeated if you are having trouble removing the scent. Following this with a drying routine would achieve best results.

But here’s a catch! The perfume scent may not just have drenched your clothes but also some body parts. It is worse when an unwanted smell lingers on your skin.

Here’s how to free your skin of that scent

Tip 1

Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it with a clean cloth on the concerned area. Scrub gently and let sit for 10 minutes before washing.

Tip 2

Dip a piece of clean cloth in vodka and wipe your skin. Do this for a few minutes before washing it off with soap.

Tip 3

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and olive oil. Soak a piece of cloth in it and use it to wipe the affected area. Let it remain for 10 minutes before washing of the oily residue with warm water and soap.

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