Recycling Household Items

With the debate on the usage of plastic straws, the need to use biodegradable items and recycle has risen exponentially. According to reports, municipal waste from all over the country is distributed across more than 1,956 landfills, occupying a huge chunk of space. A lot of this waste comprises of items that can be easily recycled and don’t necessarily need to be in landfills.

Here are a few household items you can repurpose instead of throwing out:

Egg Cartons

Instead of throwing out the styrofoam egg carton, repurpose it to hold something else. The small sections within the carton can be used to freeze a number of food items. Meatballs, cookie dough, patties; the list is endless! What’s more, you can also use the cartons as a mold for various baked or frozen treats.


The refrigerator isn’t the only place where they can go back to, however. You can also place them in your garden or window sill and plant seedlings into them.

Shoe Boxes

If you’ve got a stack of shoe boxes that are no longer sheltering your shoes, you can put them to use in other ways. They’ll make excellent storage bins for your closet or dresser, and can store all kinds of items you want handy. Organizing your belongings through these boxes will not only utilize them, but will also make it much easier for you to find your possessions when needed.

Jewelry, toiletries, medicines, and various other household items can be arranged neatly within these boxes. If you choose to use the box lids as well, just mark them with a label to help you quickly identify the contents.

Glass and Plastic Containers

Don’t throw out the empty jam jars! Instead, recycle these to contain various other things. For instance, you can store a range of dry foods such as spices, nuts, and protein powder in them. Being an inert material, glass will not react with any of the contents and will also keep out moisture.

As for plastic bottles, these can be recycled too. Make a rectangular cut along one side of the bottle, and convert it into a flower pot. You can also use the glass and plastic containers for refilling liquid soaps and detergents.

Sheets, Towels, and Clothing

Got a bunch of frayed and worn out items in your linen cabinet? Does your closet have a stack of old clothes you no longer wear? Well, we’ve got the perfect use for them!


Any and all old textiles can be easily repurposed into wash rags and dusters. Just make sure you’ve washed them first and simply cut the affected cloth into as many squares as you want. Towels, pillowcases, bed sheets, and garments can all be easily recycled this way.

If you don’t want to trim your favorite blouse into rags and would rather have a renowned textile repurposing company take care of your old linen, then Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC can help you. They accept secondhand clothing and used clothes, helping consumers recycle their garments.

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