Here Are All The Reasons Why Men Should Be Proudly Sporting Jewelry

Men throughout history have worn jewelry and they were not just men from common masses!

They were men sitting on thrones, ruling empires, carrying the royal legacy, or bearing the military honor! If nothing stopped them from adorning themselves with pride—what is your reason now?

It was not just a lack of reason to quit wearing jewelry but presence of pretty authentic causes to vocalize through jewelry. Yes!

A family crest ring or a an heirloom necklace were all ornaments that not just added aesthetic appeal to ancient men but also spoke volumes about their family history, allegiances and social stature.

Even though customs of the medieval eras have escaped us in the contemporary world, there are still various reasons for men to be sporting jewelry with PRIDE! Here is a list of few.



Wearing jewelry of your choice and flashing accessories you want to complement your attire with not just add a final touch to your regular look but also give you an immense boost of self-confidence.

Why most people lack the guts to make a bold statement in public for the first time is precisely because they have never tried! It is more like a done and dusted theory that applies here.

Once you’re over your fear of wearing a ring with a big stone or a flashy necklace with a blinding brilliance, you can conquer the world with your leather straps, ear studs, eyebrow rings, dog tags, chokers and what not.


This happens with people who are working long hours every day. The dilemma of all working adults lies in their inevitable disconnect from the outside world. What does become their knowledge of evolving fashion trends is what the people at their workplace wear mostly.

To avoid becoming a boring man or woman fighting a mid-life crisis in their early twenties, keep your clothing up beat and trendy. This could be very well done by rolling up the office shirt you are wearing and flashing your leather bands while you join friends for a drink after work. Or put on the antique ring your father passed down to you to show people where you belong!

The Mysterious Man


Another reason why men should be boasting about their fashion sense with a big smile is because it ranks them extremely popular with women! This is not a faux catchphrase! It is true.

Women like to engage in conversations with a man who has an artistic flair and an aura of mystery about him.

An added bracelet or pendant on the table would not only give better topics to talk about but also leave a lasting impression on the other person. Remember homogeneity is the worst trait to adopt if you want to enhance your social life!

The author is a fashion blogger who is continuously writing pieces to bring people to embrace their inner fashion self.

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