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Prevent Plumbing Repairs in Your RV

RVs offer a lot of benefits.

If the weather is nice, all you need is a little preparation and you are free to go to beaches and take small vacations to relax whenever you want.

What we often forget is that RVs are homes-on-wheels and they can have similar issues as our homes.  In order to be comfortable, your RV needs to have a fully functional plumbing system which means that it will come up against wear and tear with time. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this:

Preventative Maintenance

This goes for both your stationary home and your RV. There are some great practices that you can incorporate to reduce the amount of pressure on your plumbing system and prevent repairs:

Mind What You Drain

All your plumbing fixtures have jobs to perform and you can undo this whole process by dumping everything and anything down your drains. When we dump waste mindlessly, it can be clogged in drains and damage your pipes. If there is a larger blockage, it can go all the way to the sewer line.

Another important appliance is the tank in your RV. These collect the waste from your RV and need to be regularly dumped and cleaned out. Follow the steps below to do this right:

  • Empty the contents of the Tank
  • Backwash it
  • Clean the lines
  • Sanitize it

You can also do deep cleaning exercises to keep your plumbing in the best shape. This will keep all the funky smells away and your plumbing will run well.

Some Tips For The Drains

  • If your RV has a shower, cover the drain opening so that debris doesn’t make it to your plumbing system. Your drains can have heavy soap buildups too. These need to be gotten rid of or you’ll be showering in water ankle-deep.
  • For leaky faucets and showerheads, simply replace these. It will cost less, trust us.
  • Keep your toilets squeaky clean or waste will harden and stick to the bowl and this can lead to bigger and smellier problems such as staining of the reservoir and toilet paper sticking to the flapper in the toilet and causing blockages. All these issues can be hazardous to your health.

DIY right

Don’t use harsh chemicals to clean your RV’s toilets, while they may clean well, they can cause long term damage to your plumbing. RV cleaners are also more specific and you cannot use the same ones you use for your home. If you disinfect properly and frequently, you won’t need to use harsh chemicals. You can get the best results with gentle products and these won’t harm your toilet or your plumbing.

Ran into a Problem?

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