Pregnancy Shopping – How to Shop Smartly

Pregnancy gives you nine months to prepare well for the birth of your child. However, between decorating the nursery and buying clothes for the baby, moms-to-be often forget to shop for themselves!

Is this your first pregnancy? You’re going to want products that will make the pregnancy just a little bit easier.

Smart pregnancy shopping is also important to make your post-partum period comfortable! Following are some must-have products to splurge on, from sleep comfort to maternity clothes:

Soft Baby Pillow

The regular pillows residing in your linen closet and on your bed just won’t cut it. A good body pillow will aid your belly during sleep, once it becomes big enough.

Having a soft, yet firm body pillow by your side will assist in comfortable sleeping, also preventing you from rolling onto your stomach or back.

Breathable Panties

Your pre-pregnancy panties might be made from the softest of silk but wearing them is entirely another matter! Pregnancy brings with it many bodily changes, and you want to make sure your comfort is a top priority, during pregnancy and after.


This is why cotton loose, comfortable panties are the preferred product. Buy big and breathable underwear for now, and your lacy underwear will have their time to shine again.

The Right Bra

Are you eyeing a sexy red bra at Victoria’s Secret while six months pregnant? Go on, look all you want, but don’t buy without keeping this in mind—pregnancy changes breast sizes faster than you can pay for that lacy bra.

What is the worst thing about gradual breast size changes during pregnancy? Some women find that they have gotten bigger while others complain of shrinking breast size. So you have no idea what it will be in your case until the event itself!

Finding and buying a good bra will save a lot of trouble. A good bra feels like a warm hug—well fitting and supportive!

Underwire or no underwire? This is more a matter of preference, but keep in mind that your breasts will be more sensitive during and after pregnancy.

Stylish and Comfy Maternity Clothes

mama and baby

What will you wear to the hospital when the time is near? You will be more comfortable in your own clothes—during and after giving birth. Make sure to pack your own pillow, pajamas and toothbrush to bring with you to the hospital.

What will you wear on the big day itself? Invest in maternity clothes that can be utilized as effective birthing clothes as well, so you don’t have to change at the hospital.

Online maternity clothes store Dressed to Deliver offers a lot of fashionable clothes options that can be used as beautiful and effective hospital gowns. Why greet your baby in a tacky hospital issued gown?

These products make a lot of sense yet it is possible to forget buying them in your pregnant state. Buy them today so you don’t have to worry about it later!

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