The Most Popular Sterling Silver Bracelet Styles

Since olden times, silver bracelets have been adorned by women and men alike. They are considered a versatile precious metal and can look great with any look.

Sterling silver is a purer form of silver. It is considered durable, as well as more stylish than normal silver jewelry.

Sterling silver bracelets have been a popular choice of jewelry because of the sheer variety they’re available in. They come in various styles and designs for both men and women.

Sterling silver bracelets are a fashion trend that is here to stay. Never quite going out of style, silver charm bracelets or silver cuff bracelets can be seen adorning the hands of many. Sterling silver bracelets are available in a wide variety and styles; each style has its own appeal and beauty.

Let’s look at some of the sterling silver bracelet styles that are trending right now.

Bangle Bracelet

The simplest and one of the most popular of styles, sterling silver bangle bracelets are a mainstay. They come in a wide variety of designs; they can either be worn individually or in stacks. They’re also available in a lot of finishes; smooth, textured, painted, or patterned.

Cuff Bracelet

Wider than normal bangle bracelets, silver bracelets usually have an opening on one side instead of a closing clasp. They give a very tasteful and refined look and are generally more expensive than other kinds of bracelets.

Link Bracelet

Another very popular style is the silver link bracelet. Created with intricately woven links, the design is popular among men.

Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelets have always given a classic and timeless look. Not only are they trendy, they’re also quite versatile.

Easily matched with any outfit, silver chain bracelets look good on their own or paired up with other accessories. They make for a great birthday or wedding gift.

Charm Bracelet

Exuding a very vintage appeal, charm bracelets have always been a fashion favorite accessory.

Silver charm bracelets are one of the most common arm accessories, worn from the likes of celebrities to commoners. The fun part is you can collect as many different charms as you want, such as the Eiffel Tower, a four-leaf clover, an English double-decker bus and more.

Where to Get Them

If you’re in search of stylish sterling silver bracelets for men and women, visit sites such as Jewelry 1000. They have a wide collection of sterling silver jewelry designed to satisfy your fashion needs.

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