Plate and Cup Decoration

Plate and Cup Decoration for the Holidays: What Can I Do?

Unlike most of the world, Christmas down in Straya is a little on the warm side. Even so – it’s still Christmas and people from Melbourne to Perth are probably immersed in preparations for the holidays to come.

An article published in the Daily Mail online talks about how Australians in general are expected to buy four gifts a second online and about the hidden shipping costs associated with the same. Though on the one hand, it makes perfect sense to be splurging on gifts— after all, it is Christmas!

On the other hand all the frantic spending makes you wonder, is that what Christmas is really about? What if you could make your gift giving rituals more personal, more meaningful and more in the moment?

Plate and Cup Decoration

Something that ties in the ritual of gift giving with Christmas morning or arvo group/family activity while being heaps of fun is plate and cup decoration. We’re not talking about plate and cup arrangement, mind you. We literally mean personally decorating crockery before exchanging it with your mates, family and loved ones.

What You Will Need

  • Plain white crockery, including plates (different sizes), tea cups, mugs and even platters if you like.
  • Porcelain or ceramic paints (any and as many colors as you want)
  • Paint brushes
  • A few containers to hold water
  • Pallets and trays for mixing if needed
  • Plastic to cover the area you’re going to be working
  • Plate stands, cup holders and plate hangers to go with the crockery when done
  • Stencils
  • Washing fluid, drinking straws and a holding dish

What You Need to Do

Set up a space within your home where there is enough room for you and your guests to spread out. Set a table or corner where you place the unpainted crockery and painting supplies.

Set out another space or table where you leave the painted crockery to dry when finished. You can place the plate stands, hooks and such in a box here so people can grab them when picking up their finished, personalised or personally decorated crockery gifts.

Once you’re all set up, sit back, crack open a stubbie or two and wait for your mates and family to arrive. People can grab crockery of their choice and spend a few minutes decorating and personalising a gift or more for those they want to give them to.

Better yet; this is a great way to keep the kids occupied while the older blokes and sheilas unwind over a bottle-o wine!

What about the Extras?

The washing fluid and stencils are for those who have trouble painting. The stencils are simple to use. Place them over a plate and paint within the lines.


The washing fluid is a little more complicated. You need to mix a little ceramic paint and washing fluid with a splash of water in a holding dish and blow air into it through one of the straws. This makes the stuff bubble. If you gently press the side of a cup against the bubbles, they imprint themselves on the cup.


This being said, those who are comfortable simply painting should be encouraged to have at it!

Instruct your guests to place the finished crockery on the drying table or in the allotted space. They can pick these up and give them to whoever they were made for along with the appropriate display mount!

Winding Down

The thing is anyone can buy themselves a factory made gift or item over the internet. A personalised Christmas present made in the moment for those you love – now that’s really something!

Plate Stands of Australia is your one stop if you want to buy display stands, plate racks and hangars online to display your cups and crockery!

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