Pineapple Inspiration – The Most Anticipated Product for Black Friday/Cyber Monday


Black Friday is just around the corner, with Cyber Monday following along and you could not be more excited!

As a seasoned shopper, these two days are pretty much some of the happiest days of your life. You get to take advantage of the sales, save money and get the best deals on some of your favorite products, like pineapple themed dresses and watches!

So to aid your shopping adventure, here are some items we’ve picked out for you from Pineapple Spark which you should definitely add to your BFCM shopping wish list!

 Vintage Pineapple Dress


Cutting just below the knee, this vintage, A-line, slash neck dress with an off-the-shoulder sleeve and ruffles is just the dress to wear. With its fashionable cut and silhouette, not to mention the unique print, you’ll be able to wear this dress anywhere, no matter what the season!

 Pineapple Lover – Crossbody Bag


This creative and cute design cross-body bag is paired with a discreet gold chain that’s sure to match all your outfits perfectly. Just big enough for your cellphone, makeup and other necessities, this bag is simply a must-have for your future shopping trips!

 Pineapple Necklace in Sterling Silver


Okay, we get it! You’re a simple gal with simple tastes in jewelry. But you still like to add some bling to your look every once in a while. For that, we have the quaint pineapple necklace in sterling silver that’s small and cute. Nothing too flashy or heavy, this necklace is in the Goldilocks zone.

Black and Gold | Golden | White and Gold Handmade Ceramic Pineapple


No millennial’s home design is complete without a signature handmade ceramic pineapple. Pretty much the symbol of happiness and hospitality for the new generation, this type of pineapple is a must-have for anyone with a niche sense of style.

 Vintage Tropical Painting Phone Case


Now here’s a phone case that perfectly combines the two colors that Pantone has predicted for 2019 as ‘colors of the year’, classic and tempting shades. The vintage style takes the classic touch and the pineapple design adds that tempting look that we’ve come to associate with pineapples.

Are You Ready?

Come the last week of November, we want you to be ready!

Get that credit card out, memorize the days and buy jewelry, clothing and all the home décor items your heart desires. Be sure to subscribe to the Pineapple Spark newsletter to get a “40% off” discount code. Also follow them on Instagram to get the details on bundles, gifts and special sales!

With their amazing discounts and free shipping on all orders, you’ll be ready to buy everything your pineapple loving heart desires!

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