The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Girl — The How-to Guide

Despite the plethora of blogs and articles you’ve read on the subject, you just can’t bring yourself to buy any of the recommendations for your perfect girl.

Not because they aren’t pretty or useful. But because you know that your girl, deserves something much, much better! Something more unique than perfume or a photo frame at least.

But with so many choices, how do you pick the perfect gift?

For that, here are some tips that might just come in handy!

Tip#1: Be Original

Instead of depending on Buzzfeed gift guides, try to be a bit original with your own ideas. When your girl talks about something she likes, listen to it. But don’t jump on the first thing she desires for.

You want to give your girl something that’ll make her truly happy, so don’t be afraid to be a bit sentimental with your choice.


A fully-paid monthly subscription to book box service might be right up her alley if she loves reading. A Sat-Nav for her car, not so much!

Tip#2: Don’t Buy Something You Want Yourself

You both love gaming, so you bought her the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 so you could play together. It’s an easy gift and you both love it, so what’s the problem?

Truth be told, there’s a lot wrong with that. But we’ll just give you the gist here, in that it’s her gift, not yours!

Give her something she’ll definitely want and don’t make it an excuse to buy something for yourself!

Tip#3: Don’t be Practical for Once

Unless your special lady has specifically asked for a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, don’t buy it. Save this idea for Christmas!

For now, if you’re buying a gift that’s meant to commemorate a special event in your relationship, make an effort to get something that holds some sentimental value.

Tip#4: Always Go for Quality

Whether you’re going for a decorative gift box or a special keychain, you want either and all items to be of top quality. Given that you’re buying special gifts for a special event, you don’t want that unique gift to end up getting damaged after a little while.

Aside from being a waste of money on your end, this might hurt your girl’s feelings, since it might convey the message that you just can’t be bothered to spend enough on her.

Buying Unique Gifts Online


When buying a gift, always look for sites such as Jamagrasha if you want quality as well as style. With their selection of popular gifts, you can give your girl just the gift that’ll let her know how much you adore and cherish her.

So just remember; sentimentality, originality and quality!

Make sure your choice in gift ticks these three boxes and you will definitely be known as the best gift-giving partner!

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